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This is a life long journey, so don't quit.

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I've been using SP for a few months now with great results, but I was worried about an extended vacation I had planned. The first part was a short stay with my boyfriend's grandparents, followed by a few days at my Grandma's in Ohio. My mom and sisters were going to be there as well to celebrate Grandma's 80th birthday. I knew there would be lots of eating out (not to mention the trip to Amish country for the bread and cheese!) so I would have to be really careful about what I ate, but my Grandma doesn't have internet, so I couldn't track anything while I was there. The next part of the trip, though, was really going to be the test. One of my sisters was moving up to Alaska, where I live, so I was driving up with her. It was going to be a week long international road trip and we would be camping in a tent most nights. So I was looking at a week of road food and again no internet to track things. Then on top of that, I bike to work eight miles round trip everyday and during this vacation I would be getting basically no exercise. So I had pretty much accepted that I was going to gain a few pounds back on this trip, but I hoped it wouldn't be too many. The day my sister and I left Ohio we packed a cooler with the making for hummus wraps, as well as a few other fairly healthy snack items. Normally I'm a grazer and on long trips I just munch and munch, but after reading some articles from SP and picking snack items they recommended I managed to keep my grazing down and resist gas station junk food impulse buys. We went out to eat a couple times on the road and with the healthier snacks I found myself able to pick healthyish meals and even had leftovers to go. When I got back to my apartment in Anchorage after an exhausting week on the road I very hesitantly stepped on the scale for the first time in three weeks. The relief I felt when I saw the number that came up was incredible. Not only had I not gained weight, I'd even lost a little! I almost couldn't believe it. I never could have done it without SparkPeople, though. I've driven the Alaska Highway four times now and I've never eaten as well as I did this last time. Thank you SP for giving me the tools to keep myself healthy even when I don't have this website to check everyday.

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