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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,745
7/8/13 1:43 P

For something more challenging I would suggest extreme shed and shred or hard body

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
7/8/13 11:02 A

I think Shred is easier. Ripped is a little stronger. I have had success with both, but really like Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.

BALCER0510 Posts: 8
6/28/13 9:22 P

I didn't lose any weight with the shred though I gained a lot f strength and endurance so I was happy with that. Did you have luck with weight loss on ripped? My baby weight is also STUBBORN !

QUEEN3510VA Posts: 537
3/21/13 4:49 P

I have 4 more days left for 30 Day Shred. Did not lose any weight but gained endurance. Didn't receive the meal plan with the dvd and have been unsuccessful in obtaining it. If anyone knows how I can obtain the meal plan, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

LEOPARDSPOTS1 SparkPoints: (608)
Fitness Minutes: (583)
Posts: 79
3/21/13 4:32 P

I basically did the complete opposite. I started with ripped in 30, i'm on my last day of week 2 so i'm starting week three tomorrow. So far, I love it. Its just the right amount of a challenge and when i flex my ab muscles i actually see a six pack forming KIND OF :). I'm not sure if I should do 30 day shred afterwards or start something more challenging (since i heard 30 day shred is less challenging than ripped in 30.) Does anybody have any suggestions on tougher workout videos than ripped in 30? Maybe some cardio, i still have some fat to lose.

CRINS15 Posts: 431
2/5/13 8:05 A

I just have 5 days left of the 30 day Shred. I started it at the beginning of January... took a few days off in between, but will be done hopefully end of this week and then starting Ripped in 30! I am super excited! I really liked 30 Day Shred and definitely feel more fit and stronger! I have also lost between 6-8lbs since starting this (and by watching my food intake). But I can't wait to start Ripped in 30 now as people have said its a bit harder! I always love switching things up, but also love that these workouts are short but effective! Once I am done the Ripped in 30 I will probably just switch it up between the 2 dvds and a few others I have to keep up with my new level of fitness and muscle!

PS_MOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (386)
Posts: 1
1/2/13 3:56 P

I am currently doing "Ripped in 30" Today I will complete my week 1 and start week 2 from tomorrow. After an initial couple days of soreness, I find my energy level to be much better. I have taken the before pics so that I can compare with the after. As of now the scale has not moved in my favor during this week. I would like to think that it may be because I am gaining muscle weight from the strength training. I plan to start the Shred after this one.

I love Jillian.. She is such a beast!

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,437)
Fitness Minutes: (47,647)
Posts: 5,092
11/26/12 5:41 P

I think 30 Day Shred is good for beginnings, and Ripped in 30 is more advanced. It has a level 4, which I love. I definitely toned up after I finish Ripped in 30 this summer. Killer Buns & Thighs is ridiculous and amazing at the same time. Ahh I love JM's workouts

CLOCHHENN SparkPoints: (85)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 28
11/26/12 5:08 P

Just started Ripped two days ago after finishing the 30 day shred. I haven't weighed myself because I gained weight the first week of the shred and didn't want to see the scale going up. I do notice a difference in before and after pics I took from before the shred and after the shred but today I put on some pants from the spring and they fit tighter than I remember.
Maybe it is because of the crap from Thanksgiving I have been eating the past couple days and it bloated me up. =( My rings do feel snug so I am retaining some water.

I am totally bummed and thought after doing the shred and now starting ripped my pants would feel a little loser. Anyone else going through this?

I am not sure what to do. I count calories for the most part, watch what I eat and eat very low sugar and natural foods. I just can't lose these last 10-15 pounds of baby weight.

Please tell me after Ripped I will see more results!!! GRRRR

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NPARSONS369 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,415)
Posts: 161
2/19/12 12:58 P

i have both. i have do 30 day shred twice and love it, but never got through ripped in 30. 6 more days and then will go on to ripped. for me it is more of a challenge.

MAIM138 Posts: 961
1/2/12 12:52 P

I have both and like 30 Day Shred more, but it's probably because I'm more familiar with it. When I got Ripped in 30, I didn't like it nearly as much, because of my weird aversion to change. Ha.

I'm working my way back through 30 Day Shred now, and will move on to Ripped in 30 after I complete it again.

No, you don't "need" either of them, but if someone likes them, and they motivate you, why the heck not? There are a lot of things we don't "need." What a strange thing to say.

MFIT4ME Posts: 526
1/2/12 12:20 P

Got Ripped in 30 for Xmas and started it a few days ago. I've glanced through it and there are a few familiar moves from Shred. I'm a Jillian fan and ♥ her DVD's.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
12/20/11 8:31 P

Didn't need either enough information on sparks people and free workouts on the internet to get my success..

LADYSHEL SparkPoints: (16,774)
Fitness Minutes: (12,640)
Posts: 233
12/20/11 6:27 P

30day shred was awesome! I just started Ripped day 2 week 1...not bad. I fell on my workout wagon, so I will let you know if I get ripped in 30

JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
11/25/11 6:11 P

I have both too early to know if i like Ripped better than Shred

SBNORMAL Posts: 880
11/25/11 12:09 A

I will check target for the tapes, but not on black friday!

CYREENIE SparkPoints: (4,983)
Fitness Minutes: (5,267)
Posts: 20
11/24/11 1:48 A

I did the Killer Buns and Thigh work out.. oh my gosh she wasnt kidding. it kills your buns and thighs! but i definitely feel a difference in my booty, its more firm. and my thighs look slimmer after only a few weeks of being a slacker :P ive done it probably done it about 9 times now level one. its definitely worth the money. i really love it.

JASHLEY0822 SparkPoints: (9,058)
Fitness Minutes: (18,946)
Posts: 78
11/9/11 9:45 A

I am on week 2 of Ripped in 30 and I must say that the circuits there are much tougher than 30 day shred..the workouts are shorter--done in 30 minutes including the warm ups. I like it though as it is more challenging. I love JM...I get to meet her in March at the Radical Women's Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Reston. She is short and really tiny when I saw her last April.

I forgot to say that when I started week one, the day after my first try of the workout, it felt like my shoulders were ready to fall off and it felt like I was hit by a truck--really really sore. I have been using Turbo Fire prior to using ripped in 30. But, I love it!

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10/7/11 4:33 P

I just ordered Ripped in 30 (I was hoping the 30 meant minutes as opposed to 30 days lol) I got it NEW from a private seller on for $5. I'm looking forward to it! I've also ordered her biggest loser "Last chance workout". I must be a brave soul.

BDD923 SparkPoints: (6,407)
Fitness Minutes: (9,328)
Posts: 280
10/7/11 3:10 P

THANK YOU!! I am also a lover of The Shred and have been considering Ripped in 30. Has anyone done Killer Buns and Thighs???

10/7/11 2:53 P

I just ordered the "30 Day Shred" from EBay yesterday for 7.50 brand new & I'm really excited to get it and even a little nervous to start it! LOL I've just read so many great things about the 30 day Shred I just had to get it.

10/7/11 10:03 A

I'm on week 4 day 5 of Ripped in 30 and I really have loved hating this dvd. LOL - If you are familiar with JM workouts you will know the basic moves, BUT she definately adds to them - as in the superman from YM but with weights - that has kind of kicked my butt this week - along with the burpees and then the scissor jumps - grr - Loving it though - I have been able to do most of the advanced moves, but just take it down the beginner when I can't keep up and as soon as I catch my breath I kick it back up! I started out with Shred and I really can't wait to go back to it to see how far I have advanced myself! Also at my local Wal-Mart back in the sporting section, I found all of her dvds for about $5-$8. I pick up every single one I could find.

AMY_BABY1 Posts: 8
7/15/11 11:12 P

Target has them for $10!

AMY_BABY1 Posts: 8
7/15/11 11:12 P

Target has them for $10!

AMY_BABY1 Posts: 8
7/15/11 11:09 P

Target has them for $10!

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (274,877)
Fitness Minutes: (135,737)
Posts: 13,355
7/10/11 11:14 A

mix them up. don't do the same exact work-out day after day after day because you'll get bored just like reading this message

PLATINUM755 Posts: 43,600
7/10/11 11:06 A

I'm starting with Shred...but love the info about Ripped...thanx!

7/10/11 9:57 A

This is all very helpful- I, too, was trying to decide between Ripped and Shred. I think I will start with Shred and go from there!

BSAZAMA Posts: 35
7/10/11 9:28 A

I think Shred is easier to start with. If one is new to exercise, I would start there then move to ripped in 30. Then mix up from there.
I just started Ripped, and noticed a difference in about 4 days. Of course this is combined wiht food tracking. Nothing works without the right food.

Someone mentioned the overlap with BFBM & NMTZ. The difference is how the exercises are combined. BFBM is pretty much pure cardio, NMTZ is very little cardio, all strengh. The 30's are combos, which I generally find more effective. The Firm does this kind of combining in gentler way to pretty good effect.

4/22/11 6:23 P


CUDA440 SparkPoints: (85,154)
Fitness Minutes: (91,564)
Posts: 8,044
4/22/11 5:17 P

I am on week 4 and am going to do one more week of it. I did all the weeks for 2 weeks straight (5 days a week) I have lost inches in my waist I just had to move the belt over another notch today.
I get a great sweat on all of the levels and loved all of it. 3 days a week I back it up with a kettlebell DVD workout, and the other 2 I back it up with BFBM. After doing ripped, BFBM seems a bit easier to do.
I will be looking to switch up my workouts after next week and can't decide what to try.

I enjoyed RI30.


DDWADE Posts: 64
4/22/11 11:21 A

I have only done Level 1 of Ripped in 30 and haven't seen results on the scale, but my clothes are looser. Will start Level 2 tomorrow. I also own 30 Day Shred, but haven't attempted it yet. I was wondering if I should switch it up and complete 30 Day Shred first or does it matter? Thanks.

KLRJ26 Posts: 263
4/19/11 7:43 A

The ladies on Ripped are ridiculously fit, wow! I am on week 2 and I am not at the point where I can do the advanced version yet. I do sweat a lot which is good and feel it in the morning. I love The 30 Day Shred and to me it just flows much better. I lost a lot of weight from the Shred and hope to find results on Ripped too.

SPAZZY21DMH Posts: 76
4/12/11 11:28 A

30 day shread rocks, so I can only imagine this one will be just as great!

E11EVEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,894)
Posts: 100
4/11/11 9:51 P

Today was the first day of week 3 for Ripped for me. I agree. I live 30 day shred a lot more - the cardio is more intense for me and with Ripped she seems to waste some time chit chatting. I don't burn as many calories per my HRM.

4/11/11 1:19 P

I've been doing Ripped in 30, as well -- I agree about the awkward thing. I'm finding that some of the balance stuff (esp in Level 3) ends up being a bit counter-productive; some days my balance is terrible and I can't get my HR up because I keep falling over.

I've fast results with it in terms of muscle tone, though. I've got definition in my stomach for the first time ever.

JBUT66 SparkPoints: (2,095)
Fitness Minutes: (4,040)
Posts: 148
4/11/11 11:06 A

Since I posted this question, I went ahead and purchased Ripped in 30. Personally, I don't like it as much as 30 Day Shred. Maybe its just because I had really gotten those routines down and could put my all into them. I have done levels 2 and 3 of Ripped in 30. Of those, I liked level 3 better. My heart really did not get going in level 2. Also, while I appreciate that she was trying to incorporate new moves, some of them felt more awkward than effective to me.

Wondering what others may think?

TAMISHA97 Posts: 5
4/11/11 12:59 A

I did the 30 day shred about two years ago, and I did lose a significant amount of weight. I loved the workout. It is very intense. I can't believe that I lost my DVD. I must purchase another DVD.

SLEEPYDEAN Posts: 1,947
3/30/11 1:44 A

Bought and tried RIPPED for the first time today. I loved it! (Tried level 1) There were a couple duplicate moves from shred, but then plenty of new moves. She said in the beginning, that she doesn't repeat any exercise throughout the different levels.

Definitely recommend this one (especially for $10 at Target right now).

3/3/11 11:52 A

@heybutt Yeah, I've also noticed quite a bit of overlap in some of her videos -- though I think some of her more recent ones are different, so that gives me some hope that Ripped in 30 is not going to be a reshuffling of her standby moves. I have her six-week six-pack abs workout, and there's very little overlap between the three you mentioned and that one. Of course, what DOES overlap is Jillian Michaels' tendency to overpromise results -- I'm quite fit, but if I have a six-pack six weeks from now, I'll consider it a miracle.

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
3/3/11 10:27 A

I can't speak for comparing Ripped in 30 to Shred but I can say there is quite a bit of overlap between Shred and "Banish Fat" and "No More Trouble Zones". Shred is just a condensed version of both of the longer videos (with a few different moves worked in).

I'm going to assume Ripped would be the same, a lot of redundancy with a bit of "new".

JBUT66 SparkPoints: (2,095)
Fitness Minutes: (4,040)
Posts: 148
3/3/11 10:16 A

Thanks for the link - I love that site for the good descriptions and reviews. I notice "Ripped in 30" is already a "staff favorite". Looks like I will be ordering mine! I know the workouts are short, but they provide a very efficient effective workout when short on time and can be combined when you really want to push!

GIJOEBRO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (520)
Posts: 23
3/2/11 10:15 P

Thanks... that's cool

3/2/11 9:57 P

I pre-ordered it from Amazon, but it hasn't come yet :(

However! They do previews on Collage Video, so you can check out a 30-second clip. It looks different to me, personally, but I guess I won't know until I get it in the mail!

The clip is on this page:

JBUT66 SparkPoints: (2,095)
Fitness Minutes: (4,040)
Posts: 148
3/2/11 8:56 P

I understand Jillian Michaels' new DVD "Ripped in 30" was just released. I have and enjoy 30 Day Shred for when I want a good short work out. Ripped in 30 sounds very similar but with four levels instead of 3. I would love to hear feedback from those that are trying the new video with regard to how it compares to 30 Day Shred and whether it is different enough to be worth buying. Thanks!!

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