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RIKKI52 Posts: 112
12/3/12 11:10 P

After my adventure getting lost in the woods yesterday, I rested today. I'm eating more, so I'm probably getting my 1200 cals., but have no time to keep track. Have decided to walk on MWF and do core videos on TThSa, so tomorrow, I'll pick a video to do for awhile.

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
11/30/12 11:41 P

I've decided to just do the fitness for now, and I'm going to start tomorrow with one 10-minute video a day, either cardio or core, 5 days a week. I'm also going to try to walk in the mornings, if it's not too cold.

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
11/29/12 4:35 P

I don't know if Spark is going to work for me. All the experts want me to keep all those "trackers" and I don't have time. I may just find a diet recipe plan that works for me and do that. I can use the inspiration and help with exercise I find here, but the diet part is just too much work and trouble. Maybe I should just concentrate on exercise for now, and eat as healthy as I can.

I know now why busy people can't lose weight. It's too freaking time consuming.

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
11/28/12 6:29 P

I did not get my 10 minutes in today, unless you count walking around the grocery store for 20 minutes. Will try to do something before I go to bed. I did buy some meat. I'm trying to eat more protein, so I'm making chili tomorrow. Maybe not the healthiest thing to eat, but I need to increase my calories, so I have to do something. I doubt I ate 900 calories so far today, and I'm not hungry at all. I haven't been really hungry all week.

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
11/27/12 10:18 P

I moved boxes for about 20 minutes today, so got some exercise. Didn't have time to work up a meal plan, so didn't eat enough again. I have to work out a plan tomorrow and then go to the grocery store.

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
11/26/12 11:29 P

I did o.k. today, but again, didn't eat enough. I'm trying to work out a food plan so I can get my calories up, or I'm going to be in starvation mode forever. It's just hard for me to stop to eat, because I work so much and because it requires so much cooking. I hate cooking.

Now someone tells me that all nightshade veggies are inflammatory, which cuts out potatoes. Everything is bad for you anymore. Even rice, which supposedly has arsenic in it.

I'm really going to start growing a lot of my own food.

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
11/25/12 6:55 P

I've been through a horrible 10 months. Wanted so much to get in shape and lose this weight, but had so many life stressors that I just kept going backward. Now I've had my "Spark Moment" and am determined to do something constructive toward regaining my health and vitality.

Positive things I've done:

* Got back on my anti-depressants and got the dosage right, so got some energy finally
* Got my financial situation on the right track so I won't be so stressed over that
* Made a plan to move to my own place again in May. Thought I'd be out of here by January, but things don't always turn out the way you plan.

Negative things I've done:

* Stopped exercising
* Ate too much junk food
* Gained 10 lbs.

My "Spark Moment" was when I went to get some new jeans, bought a size 14 thinking they would fit, because I was in a 12 before. Didn't bother to try them on, and when I got them home, they were way far away from zipping. I sat down and cried, because I promised myself I would NEVER get to a size 14, and now I'm over that. At 5'4" with a small frame, that's not good.

It's easy for me to get lazy in the summer, due to how the heat affects my lupus, but usually by now I'm back out walking in the morning. Not this year. I've been totally lazy and need to just get off my butt and go! I have a few days left to this month, and it's crunch time with work, so I'm going to do 10 minutes a day until Dec. 1, then really start doing this right, using my trackers and participating in discussions.

I need to work hard, because I have a wedding to go to this summer, and I want to be back down to 125 by then. I'm thinking 2 lbs. a week until June 1st oughta do it.

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