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1/4/13 3:32 P

Yikes, I agree with everyone else. You might try the frozen juices (read labels - only real fruit juice) at your grocery store if you are really convinced that you want to stick with this plan for now. But I don't think I could see myself really committing to losing weight and keeping it off if I couldn't keep up the food for a lifetime. I only eat stuff I LOVE eating. (Or new things that I'm trying out)

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1/4/13 3:26 P

I lost 100 pounds with the Zone diet, no hunger involved and felt great during the weight loss. Nothing had worked for me until the Zone, and I had tried numerous weight loss diets. That was 18 years ago. In fact, I felt so great that I continued to follow the Zone diet and lifestyle, and still do to this day. I've maintained the weight loss and I still feel great!


Lost 100 pounds with the Zone 18 years ago and have kept it off!

You can see photos of my favorite meals and snacks here:

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1/4/13 1:28 P

Taking appetite suppressants and drinking smoothies that you hate to lose weight is not going to work. It may for a few days or weeks, but can you really keep up with that long term? Why not start learning about portion control, and making healthy meals, and getting in some activity every day? The resources are all here at your fingertips.

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1/4/13 9:05 A

Saw those on TV. A friend of mine tried them for a month and lost nothing. I put her on my smoothies that I make myself and she lost weight and felt better and there was more money in her pocket. I also saw the ingredients in that thing and I know my smoothie is so much better for you.

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1/3/13 11:19 P

a right size smoothie huh........sounds like a diet to me. First off you need to get off the diet roller coaster. It is not a diet it is a life style change. So can you drink this smoothie you hate for the rest of your life.....? Use all that sparks has offer and you will be on the right track. Making positive changes to your life will help you have more successes than failures.

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1/3/13 7:55 P

I agree with JESSSCHROEDER. I have a breakfast smoothie every morning. It is easy, nutritious and delicious. Try putting 1/2 a banana in with the berries. Also, a bit of almond extract adds flavour. If you really hate the taste of the smoothie, it might be because you aren't use to the protein powder's flavour. Try only using 1/2 a scoop of protein powder at first and slowly work up to a full scoop. That way you will acquire the new taste. But whatever you do don't eat something that tastes awful. You are setting yourself up for failure. Also, have you tried any of the Spark recipes? They are always good ideas for delcious meals.

The key to me eating healthy is eating mindfully. This means reading labels, making balanced choices, and most importantly, listening to my body's hunger cues.
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1/3/13 6:59 P

Oh yes, UNIDENT is right on the money.
If the smoothies tasted great and was worth it to you then I'd say go for it. But I bet it costs a pretty penny and it sounds like it doesn't even taste that good.
You can totally lose the weight eating foods you love. If you are a seasoned cook you can make just about any recipe lighter, from pizza to chicken parmesan and mac and cheese.
If you are into the liquid meals try skim or almond milk with a regular protein powder (vanilla or chocolate). My husband drinks one of these while at work (intensive labor) and a big tub of 30 servings is about $25 with 26 grams of protein. Throw this in the blender or one of those water bottles that blends with 1 cup berries and maybe a handful of spinach. It will be cheaper and much tastier.

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I believe in eating good, good food! No reason to not have delicious meals and treats while keeping a healthy weight.
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1/3/13 6:58 P

I second Deb's comments!

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1/3/13 6:53 P

Why are you eating something that tastes awful?

Have you tried Spark's way?

Deb, in New Zealand
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1/3/13 5:42 P

This is my 100000000000000000th time trying to lose weight but this time i am beyond determined. I started taking phentermine 15mg yesterday and I am also doing right size smoothie....the only problem is the right size smoothie taste horrible....I am on the skinni vanilli powder now....what juice can i mix with it to make it taste better.....right now I am using ocean spray cran grape..

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