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4/26/13 10:21 P


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4/24/13 7:56 P

I ride my bike 4 times a week 20 to 30 minutes. I also walk the other days.

AQUARISUN Posts: 121
4/24/13 7:54 P

Thanks :) Heh when I wanted to lose weight, I had to exercise an hour everyday it was hard work but I think after awhile you can't force your body to lose more weight then it needs too.

AQUARISUN Posts: 121
4/24/13 7:53 P

Sounds good thanks :) I just want something for general health. I am not looking to be a body builder or anything just want to be healthy in general :)

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
4/24/13 6:55 A

I agree with Dragonchilde - the general recommendation for good health is 30 mins 3 times per week (although yoga would count towards this). But for weight loss purposes, you may want to increase this to 5-6 times per week.

Riding is low impact, and can safely be done every day, if you want to.


UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/23/13 8:35 P

"Good enough" for what, exactly?

There isn't any absolute set minimum amount. Do as much or as little exercise as you can, are interested in doing, and can maintain for a lifetime pattern. Adjust diet accordingly.

If you are told you "must exercise an hour a day" will you keep that up long term if you only like doing 20 minutes a couple of times a week? You'll start with a hiss and a roar and soon stop.

If you like doing 20 minutes 3x a week and someone tells you "10 minutes once is enough" would you stop?

What's the "enough" about, enough for what? Exercise doesn't make you lose weight. Diet does.

Exercise keeps you fit and healthy. Best health is achieved with 30-60 minutes of some form of activity most days, on average. If you're not at a point where you can exercise that much yet, you might choose to do less for now and simply eat a little lower. As you improve your fitness, you'll be able to cope with doing more, and may be interested in increasing your fitness minutes.

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4/23/13 7:46 P

For heart health the general recommendation is at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week. That doesn't have to be all at once, either. Beyond that, it's what fits in your schedule and needs. The more you do, generally, the better, up to a certain point. More than an hour a day is usually a bit excessive. The more you exercise, the more you get to eat and still lose weight.

AQUARISUN Posts: 121
4/23/13 7:35 P

Hi! Just want to know for a 29 year old, how often should I exercise on my bike for minimally? I heard 3 times a week riding 20 minutes each time good enough? I do yoga and I'd like to do that once a week at least and it takes about 30 minutes to do that! :)

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