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12/27/09 9:01 A

I eat baked white potatoes, and sweet potatoes as well as rice, alternating.

POPSGRYL63X Posts: 808
12/26/09 8:36 P

I alternate between sweet potatoes and Brown Whole Grain Rice cooked with low sodium vegetable broth in lieu of water - adds a little flavor!

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TAPPY49 Posts: 886
12/26/09 8:18 P


TONI482 Posts: 5
12/26/09 8:01 P

Brown rice is so good for you. I just got a rice cooker for Christmas and can't wait to try it.

LLLAWSON SparkPoints: (20,093)
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12/26/09 6:53 P

Love brown rice. But for potatoes I like sweet potatoe.

MEGANE2007 SparkPoints: (23,728)
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12/26/09 5:31 P

I always opt for brown rice over potatoes. I think it has better nutritional value all across the board. And as for potatoes, I have been converting more and more to sweet potatoes, rather than the white starchy ones, since sweet potatoes have a lot more fiber.

As for serving sizes, I usually just follow the serving sizes listed on the box.

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12/26/09 4:34 P

I always feel like brown rice is a better option than a potato, but I like rice better so that may be why.


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12/26/09 4:31 P

I also agree with Trilliantoo that it's about variety, and those were some great suggestions on types of rice, too. It's also a matter of personal preference, as long as you avoid white rice and white potatoes, which have far less nutrients than other varieties. My favorite is yams! Enjoy...

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12/26/09 3:59 P

I totally agree with the idea of variety. But I think it should also be pointed out that white rice has FAR LESS in the way of nutrients than other rices (brown, wild, black, etc.). In moderation (1/2-cup as a serving) and mixed up with other varieties of rice, it is fine.

The potatoe has its main nutrients in the skin. If you don't eat the skin, you lose a LOT of the nutrients, period. I even keep the skin on my mashed potatoes, for that reason alone.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
12/26/09 12:51 P

rice is 75 grams and potatoe is 100 grams, neither keep me satisified I prefer my carbs as danish ryebread with 10 grams fiber per slice of bread..

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PAPRINIKA Posts: 2,015
12/26/09 12:51 P

I think it's about your preference too. But I personally think rice makes you feel satisfied easier and longer.

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12/26/09 12:26 P

I think they're both good particularly if you eat the skin of the potato too.

They have different amounts of micro and macronutrients.

I think the important thing is to mix it up, not only eat both rice sometimes and potatoes sometimes, but mix up the kinds. There are dozens of kinds of whole grain rice out there, and they all have different flavors (and colors), and there are various kinds of potatoes too.

For instance with rice, I like Forbidden Black as it has a strong nutty flavor. The Bhuttanese Red is a bit more mellow. I like Lundberg Long Grain Brown for things like wraps or to put under stir frys.

For potatoes, I like the russets for baked or mashed, but for side dishes or stews I like different kinds. For Independence Day I often will make a potato salad with red, white and blue potatoes. Dutch Baby Yellows have a really nice buttery flavor that I really like in a stew or when I do a roast with veggies (or just the veggies).

And then there's also things like sweet potatoes and yams.

I think really it's about variety.

Oh, and for servings I go by the servings amount on the rice packages (usually 1/4 cup raw), and for poratoes I know Spark has that somewhere, I just log what I eat and don't worry about it since I don't eat them all that often. But I do go for smaller, rather than larger, potatoes.

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12/26/09 12:21 P

which one is considered as a better source of carbohydrates rice or potato ???
and what is the best amount i should take ?

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