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MRSVK11 SparkPoints: (66,521)
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Posts: 1,136
6/17/12 4:40 P

Every 10 pound loss gets me a spa day...massage, facial and pedi Mmmmm.

ROBBGIN Posts: 1,455
6/17/12 2:58 P

You ladies have some good ideas for rewards. I've lost 100 pounds in the last two years and am still wearing same bras and panties, same stretchy tops and stretch capris.....I guess I just fooled myself into thinking they fit before....way too snuggly.....because in my jeans that I was squeezing into before with the lycra, they look and feel pretty good on me now. It's hard to make myself feel like I'm worth it. I'll have to check in here more often.


Well, I came back to edit my post and got up to do something and now I'm back and can't remember what I wanted to say. So typical. Oh well, another time.

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PLYNSN316 Posts: 375
6/17/12 2:53 P

New panties is a HUGE incentive for me. When I reach a BIG milestone, my rewards are BIG: new shoes, spa day, massage, salon appointment, etc.

My frequent rewards are:
bubble baths;
I buy myself flowers from the grocery store - they sit as a reminder of all my hard work and to be proud of myself;
wearing clothes comfortably that fit too snugly and uncomfortably before; and
buying a morning coffee (instead of making it)

New panties is my reward when I lose another 10 pounds!!! :)

SMS1111 Posts: 23
6/17/12 8:14 A

wearing something from the closet that I have not been able to fit into is great. I also love to get myself a new Itune card. emoticon

MAESMOM100 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,535)
Posts: 236
6/17/12 12:15 A

There are some good ideas, I too want to start to reward myself . I thought about either a dvd or cd and I like the idea of the charms.

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
6/16/12 10:04 P

As a fat mom and grammy, I don't splurge on me. So nice panties ia a swell reward.

KITTY_SOZE Posts: 79
6/16/12 10:00 P

I love the idea of buying a pair of panties for milestones, and getting the hubby in on it - that's motivation for sure!

For a more frugal approach, though, you could reward yourself with time to do something you've been wanting to do, such as giving yourself a mani/pedi, or an at-home facial (there are TONS of great ideas on the web), taking a nice bath with a glass of wine, having a movie night or a TV show marathon, window shopping in your town, browsing an estate sale or antique shop - whatever strikes your fancy and fits your own personal likes.

But really, the underwear thing is great!

JEANNEBOYD1 Posts: 482
6/16/12 6:08 P

Being thinner is a bigger reward than anything I can buy. emoticon

Fitness Minutes: (3,287)
Posts: 35
6/16/12 4:28 P

My sister and I have started this sticker board. If we workout for at least 30 minutes a day, we get a sticker. They add up until the end of the month. Depending on how many stickers we have, determines what we can get. For me it's usually something like nailpolish or a new pair of shoes.

LEARNINGWITHLIZ SparkPoints: (20,646)
Fitness Minutes: (12,135)
Posts: 891
6/16/12 1:38 P

New workout clothes is a great reward -- it serves dual purposes as it is a reward, but it motivates you to keep working out to show off your new clothes. :)

MOTHERDAUGHTER6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (289)
Posts: 12
6/16/12 1:53 A

I know that you don't know me but i'm proud of you for reaching you're GOAL!!! Skinny jeans and cute clothes for sm people are'nt so bad you aought to be PROUD of you're self to be able to fit in SKINNY clothes. One day i'll be able to fit back in all of my SKINNY clothes, ENJOY IT AND WEAR IT WITH PRIDE. You deserve it. YOU GO GIRL!!!

DSTENORE Posts: 87
6/15/12 9:35 P

Well if I lose weight and inches - then a new clothes reward seems in order and appropriate!

TRESA7 SparkPoints: (5,937)
Fitness Minutes: (2,924)
Posts: 272
6/15/12 8:08 P

Quelei, I wrote a three part blog called, "Be Kind to Your Self" in which i made several suggestions about rewards. Some of the "prizes" I suggested for small goals were the following:

give yourself a SparkGoodie,
take 15 minutes (or more) of "alone time",
go to a park and swing,
read a book or magazine,
run through the sprinkler(s),
color or draw (either by yourself or with a child),
play a game (what type is up to you), OR
call someone you haven't called in a long time.

I also like the ideas of bracelets, scrap booking stuff, health food, song downloads, etc, etc. Whatever YOU like can become rewards! Even stuff you normally do or buy can be used as long as you remember "This _____ is a reward for _______!" Consider listing each goal you reach and what prize you chose to remind yourself of what you've accomplished!

TEACHER1220 SparkPoints: (231,701)
Fitness Minutes: (98,233)
Posts: 2,837
6/15/12 7:15 P

Rewards I've used:
New clothes
Workout clothes, DVDs, equipment
Music CDs
Books, Kindle download

I disagree about food: I want to go to the health food store and try some good stuff!

6/15/12 5:24 P

I bought 5 passes to the Korean spa on GROUPON for $45 (not including massages) which I've been using as a reward. I have loads of cute dresses I haven't been wearing because I felt too fat and paunch bellied. So it feels great to wear them with confidence the more fitter and firmer I feel (my scale doesn't seem to be moving, although I know I'm getting in better shape!)

KATILE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (780)
Posts: 5
6/15/12 2:14 P

Like many said before, rewards depend on your economic situation. A post I read last week recommended saving one penny for each sparkpoint earned, which I love! I'm also adding a dollar for each pound lost, and then I will have money saved for my reward when I reach my first goal (5% lost). My first reward will be a new workout outfit, as many have already suggested. I have also rewarded myself with perfume, which is nice because whenever I smell that scent I think of what I accomplished and it keeps me on track.

MISHAMW SparkPoints: (42,582)
Fitness Minutes: (47,454)
Posts: 207
6/15/12 1:51 P

Rewards don't work for me because I can go without a lot of things for a long time. I try rewarding myself with music, decor, even books (because I am addicted to reading). Instead I found out that guilt gifts work better for me.

"Guilt gifts" is a term that I coined personally. So instead of a reward, every week (or at least for the first few weeks of working out, until it got to be a habit) I would buy myself something unnecessary, like a new iTunes album, or exercise equipment. I knew because I bought myself something already, I would have to workout in order to fully enjoy it. It worked for me until exercise became a habit. Now I don't have to guilt myself into working out, because working out is a joy in itself now!

LETSGOBOLTS SparkPoints: (18,351)
Fitness Minutes: (14,376)
Posts: 19
6/15/12 1:32 P

I totally agree that it's a good idea to reward yourself for goals other than weight loss. I have two mini-reward systems: one for every 5 pounds I lose, and one for every week that I meet my workout goals. I don't like to use exercise equipment or workout clothes as a reward--those are things I buy for myself anyway, because I look at those as necessities. My rewards are things that aren't necessary, but that I really want. The 5-pound goal is something like a new book, a DVD, baseball tickets, or something else fun. The weekly reward is small--usually just a new song on iTunes--so it remains affordable. But it's amazing how much even those little rewards can motivate me!

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (183,007)
Fitness Minutes: (240,984)
Posts: 2,243
6/15/12 11:33 A

Things like new, skinnier clothes are always delightful. Personally though, I prefer a new book, or some fun scrapbooking doodads. :)

6/15/12 7:40 A

I'm giving my dd and myself a spa day as a reward for meeting one of my goals. I LOVE a great massage, a new hair cut and a manicure!

6/14/12 11:03 P

I am also having the same problem figuring out what I can use as mini rewards. I recently have been medically cleared to work out, so equipment and clothes were the first items I bought. I watch TV when I want, so that doesn't work. Manicures, pedicures, and me time are a way of life for me, not rewards. I like the massage idea, but at $50 a pop, not really a mini reward. Putting a $1 in a jar each day I meet my goals is the best idea I've seen (from the book). And I LOVE the idea MUSICALJESSICA posted about a charm/bead braclet. I plan to implement that one myself!

RUTHDEN1 SparkPoints: (116,496)
Fitness Minutes: (94,201)
Posts: 2,496
6/14/12 8:22 P

A new workout top or fitness item.

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 17,874
6/14/12 7:25 P

My favorite rewards are new clothes and new music.

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
6/14/12 5:33 P

massage!! or new clothes to show off changing body

SHAUNTEMC Posts: 438
6/14/12 5:07 P

I typically purchase new workout equipment/outfits or have a spa day.

TYMBERWOLFE Posts: 2,157
6/14/12 2:06 P

I look at daily goals and when I accomplish my goal for the day I reward myself with a good book or some time to watch a ball game on TV (my partner and daughter hate sports).

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,262)
Fitness Minutes: (210,762)
Posts: 4,388
6/14/12 12:47 P

My greatest reward was getting back into the entire wardrobe of gorgeous clothes I already owned - from back when I had the money to have clothes custom made for my (then - and again - now) tiny body. My rewards are daily - when I look in the mirror and can LIKE what I see again. The most important reward: someone called me for a business meeting that could lead to a new, potentially lucrative opportunity for me - and I accepted the meeting. Last year at this time, because of how I looked (40 pounds heavier) I would not even have agreed to meet...I hid in loose, flowy clothes, and went nowhere that people who knew me from before I gained weight would see me. I gained weight from EXTREME stress, undereating but eating all the wrong things (Ramen noodles EVERY DAY), skipping meals to save money, lack of sleep from working 16-18 hours every day for money to survive. My financial situation is way worse than it ever was...the stress is still there - but now I exercise, eat no junk (though I still skip meals when I have no money for food.) But now I KNOW I look good again. What more perfect reward could there be?

SHASHA9451 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (65)
Posts: 5
6/14/12 12:31 P

These are great idea's as rewards, I think I would like a pedicure. I like don't reward yourself with food your not a dog, Love that one. Thanks for all the great Idea's I am just starting.

6/14/12 12:10 P

Every time I lose 10 lbs I earn a new pair of panties. I also try to get my husband to pick them out for me so they feel a little more special. I currently have 3 pairs that I haven't bought yet, waiting to get down another size since I have plenty that fit right now. My ultimate reward when I lose around 120 lbs will be getting pregnant again.

QUELEI Posts: 383
6/14/12 11:09 A

Whoa you guys! These are some great ideas! I'm going to plan some small rewards for staying on track and then bigger rewards for significant weight lost.

HAPPYERIN Posts: 335
6/14/12 11:08 A

I've bought some new clothing items when the old ones got too loose, pants especially. Just seeing my profile in the mirror is a big reward!

I am also looking into getting a magazine subscription that has healthy recipes!

CATMAGNET SparkPoints: (40,431)
Fitness Minutes: (52,553)
Posts: 1,183
6/14/12 10:41 A

I don't have a real reward system per se, even with two sets of goals I'm working on achieving (both physical and fiscal fitness). Just knowing that soon, I'll be paying MYSELF instead of a creditor and how my body feels and functions are reward enough.

However, there are times when I'll treat myself to a new exercise gadget/video to help change things up a bit in my routine or to make sure that I stay on track.

JOYFULME01 Posts: 621
6/14/12 9:22 A

This is a great string. You've given me lots of ideas.

ALICIALYNNE Posts: 2,199
6/14/12 8:01 A

My big reward is that every 40 miles, I either get new workout clothes or splurge on movies or cds from Amazon. For my little daily rewards, it might be giving myself five minutes by myself outside enjoying my garden. I also used to do the "long relaxing bath" as a reward each week, but my bathtub drain isn't working now.
As another poster said, it really depends on one's economic situation.

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,507
6/14/12 4:57 A

Rewards depend on your economic situation ... sometimes I like to reward a good week with a long relaxing bath, a few hours of peace and quiet time reading. I like the itunes download idea as wel. Moving up the scae, a manicure,pedicure, movie out or rented, new kinde book.
An evening wak on a nice day. Rewards are personal on a lot of levels.

ARIZONA33 Posts: 231
6/14/12 12:24 A

Like goals, rewards help us see a clear path towards the end results that we are trying to achieve. Today, I went out shopping during my lunch break and walked through the mall for a while after having a lite lunch and then I rewarded myself with a new pair of workout capri pants. I am going to be starting a new program that incorporates yoga into my workouts in order to learn how to relieve stress and gain more flexibility. My thoughts behind my reward is that I am setting myself up for success by having a new pair of workout pants--it has been said that it is important to dress for success and to dress for the role that you are playing. So, I figure that I will dress comfortably and in clothing that makes me feel good about the process of working out with other people in the room--this is something that has always made me uncomfortable in the past. Rewards should remind us how far we have come and that we can achieve anything that we set our minds to.

JOJOLALA88 Posts: 226
6/13/12 9:28 P

I get to buy 2 new books to read while riding the bike at the gym for every 5 pounds I lose. My daughter and I have a summer bucket list that we are going to choose something from everytime I meet my weekly fitness and nutrition goals. My rewards for reaching my long term goals is the joy of reaching them.

BRENL2009 SparkPoints: (5,960)
Fitness Minutes: (9,702)
Posts: 49
6/13/12 7:11 P

a new pair of stilettos is the reward of choice for this gal! emoticon

FANCYNANCY66 SparkPoints: (23,383)
Fitness Minutes: (23,617)
Posts: 141
6/13/12 5:56 P

as someone said before me, I never reward myself with food because food is the energy and nutrition I need to keep healthy. why ruin it (my health/energy) and train myself to consider food as a treat. But, as others have said, I buy something that I would like, but would consider it unneccesary since I am a very frugal person always using coupons and looking for bargains and being a minimalist in decorating my place. If it's not broken, why throw it away for a better item. So, I have to make an exception to my basic mindset and say, look if you think this lamp which is $50.00 would look great in the bedroom and you've already got a fully functioning lamp there (doesn't look as good as the new one, though) then set it up as a reward. I had been accomplishing goals, lost to below 200 which was a big deal, so I went to Hobby Lobby and lo and behold it as 60% off on sale so I got it a lot cheaper. Always be strict with myself about rewards and never cheat to keep the system working.

WHOVIANGIRL23 SparkPoints: (30,294)
Fitness Minutes: (33,932)
Posts: 838
6/13/12 3:19 P

When I notice my pants getting way too loose, I'll reward myself with a new pair. Or I'll pamper myself by doing my own mani/pedi. Remember, don't reward yourself with food, you are not a dog.

AMPROSKE1 SparkPoints: (65,348)
Fitness Minutes: (58,650)
Posts: 946
6/13/12 2:33 P

it's a good idea to reward yourself not just for pounds lost, but for other things, like meeting your goals for minutes of exercise in a shoes, new clothes or accessories are great rewards to most people, especially if you ONLY buy them as a reward

HOLLI3MW Posts: 10
6/13/12 1:14 P

going to an opera with my boyfriend is always a great reward

Fitness Minutes: (54,058)
Posts: 52
6/13/12 1:09 P

For big stuff, I go for technology. For example, when I became a paid intern last June I got an iPod Touch and when I accepted my fist official out-of-college job (aka last week), I finally upgraded to a Droid Incredible 2 in white.

For smaller goals, I like little presents like a new top or dress. :) I'll also buy a book or DVD instead, sometimes.

ERICADAWN1986 SparkPoints: (34,877)
Fitness Minutes: (20,449)
Posts: 1,964
6/13/12 10:36 A

New playlist for my mp3 player
New running shoes
Mani/ Pedi
New artical of clothing
New purse
New workout attire
New kindle book

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
6/13/12 10:19 A

I didn't really do rewards, but if it's something that will be motivating to you, go for it! Some ideas:

New workout clothes
New casual clothes
New shoes
A new workout DVD
New weights/fitness equipment
A mani/pedi
A massage
A new kitchen gadget to help with healthy cooking
A new healthy recipe book
A mini trip or an outing to a favorite spot.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/13/12 10:09 A

I've bought a new t-shirt (or top)

Some people get a manicure, hair do, or something else.
Some people treat themselves with cosmetics; others use shoes, purses, or things that last a little longer.

It's all up to you.

Something that is a reminder every time you see it is better than food, anyway.

Fitness Minutes: (3,115)
Posts: 153
6/13/12 6:04 A

I found a site where I can buy charm beads and they aren't too overpriced. I thought for every 5 pounds I lose I'll get myself a new charm for my bracelet then when I wear it it'll be a constant reminder of what I'm trying to achieve.

SHERMOR13 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 516
6/13/12 5:56 A

I like to pick up a new bracelet or earrings

SV6MILE Posts: 270
6/12/12 11:46 P

Fitness videos or equipment!

QUELEI Posts: 383
6/12/12 11:15 P

Do you guys have rewards for meeting mini-goals? I think it will help me stay on track, but I was looking for some ideas of what others might use.

So... how do you reward yourself? (Non-food related of course!)

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