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7/13/13 11:53 A

I love Amy's products but have always been wary of that particular product. I think I will give it a try - thanks! Have you had the pesto tortellini one? OMG.

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7/13/13 11:00 A

Hey! If many of you are like me, it's always kinda exciting to be in the store and come across a new (in general or just to you) fandangled healthy food/product--and sometimes equally frustrating when those healthy buys aren't exactly cheap enough to buy on impulse/curiosity alone! So... I thought it might be fun to start a "review reel" where, if you've tried something new (hopefully sticking to pretty widespread chains or brands, so they're available or known to most Sparkers), please share your review of it and help us decide what's worth the purchase! I'll start with one of my recent new buys:

Didn't think tofu necessarily had a good place being in my Italian fare, but it was SO excellent! The wheat noodles were sturdy but not tough and I love Amy's semi-sweet pasta sauce (though I realize not everyone prefers sweet). The tofu was in small pieces, not quite as fine as ricotta cheese, which I love, but I didn't miss the ricotta because the tofu with copious spinach and squash/zucchini was fabulous! I didn't really detect any other veggies in there. The other great surprise was the soy cheese, which melted super nicely, had hearty flavor, and without being greasy or heavy. (It did get a bit "crispy" at some of the edges though.) I was extremely full after finishing this with a bit of salad greens.

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