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TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
8/15/13 3:35 P

@BUNNY, I don't need a diet club in the right-now range ... I have to low carb to within an inch of my life .. something that diet clubs don't trade in or could profit by (unless it is low-carb-cycling methods - something the diabetic who'd founded that program barely touched on in the plan she innovated--and that perhaps Gail picked up for her 2nd generation of diet clubs) ...

"Low fat" and "diet club" are practically symbiotic in nature, because [assuming you are free of endocrine diseases such as high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes] you need external motivation (does NOT have to be meetings) to manage the hunger and cravings you have to deal with on a continuous, daily basis ... so insofar as I can control my diet ... and in my condition I cannot let up ... no chance of meeting up with another diet club lecturer.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
8/15/13 3:33 P

Who will not be igno....

Yeah ok, this thread has become too confusing for me. lol. Over and out!

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
8/15/13 3:20 P

No, you will not be ignored by me ..

Actually, if you make the fantasy something positive - like your own personal Dungeons and Dragons game ... what with avatars and shadow identities populating your imaginary universe .. why, that is a great way to look at fantasy ...!

But Gail is great at what she does ... by now she knows that if she has prepackaged diet meals on offer, ya don't lie about the Calories within .. or at least, not knowingly ... keeping off 300 pounds, she'd never gone under the knife ... I think she's taken to things I wouldn't do in a zillion years, like Zumba ... So, she's like her former boss, only better (more honest)!

To her, I'd seem very lethargic, and very rigid ... & she'd be wrong! She'd been wrong when she'd been my lecturer. She did not know I'd go on to swim loads of laps ... and then discover other things along the way ... and that walking DOES count as exercise, too!!!!!

In that regard, her boss was MORE encouraging to me than Gail was, exercise-wise, by donating the Diet Club Tee-shirt for the upcoming American Cancer Society 5-mile Breast Cancer walk - plus a monetary sponsorship on my donations roster ...

Well, I'm who and what I am. Not gonna change.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
8/15/13 3:16 P

Yeah I was a bit confused too but I clicked on the link provided in the opening post, it is regarding a new upcoming "reality show" (My Big Fat Revenge) which..... just.... no, it sounds quite heinous if you ask me. And I guess the OP is saying that her diet-group's motivational speaker ("Gail") is a proponent of this type of thinking - "get skinnier than the skinny people who hurt your feelings when you were fat, and give that hurt back to them now that you are thin!"

The premise is just god-awful. "Getting skinny so I can stick it in their faces!" is just NOT a motivator for me. I am dropping weight for health and comfort and lifestyle. I would prefer to leave past hurts in the past. As the writer of the article notes, the type of people who abuse you because you are fat, probably do so because of their own issues and baggage, and are unlikely to have an epiphany and apologize for what they did and become better people, as a result of a "former fattie making them feel the same pain they'd caused." Another point made in the article is this sense that only fat people who have *actually lost weight* deserve to seek retribution, apologies or amends. As if you have to lose weight before you are entitled to say "hey, you hurt me, and that's not right."

SIgh. I will NOT be watching this series.

And I wouldn't spend much time with a "motivational" speaker such as the described "Gail" - if she is into retribution-as-motivation, she's what I might term "toxic" and best to be avoided.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
8/15/13 3:04 P

I guess I don't really understand what the OP is referring to or who Gail is or what this Gail meant by revenge fantasies as a diet motivator.

But I have used fantasy as a motivator in my LONG (lol, really was a long long time) weight loss journey and in my maintenance.

I love blogging and making up stories about living in weight management villages with diet fairies, exercise elves, my inner weight loss child, demonic donuts, etc. and making my journey an epic and fun fantasy. Using the weight journey and other challenges in my life in a positive manner and fodder for my imagination and sense of humor.

Many times people have not understood what I meant by that or how much fun I've been having for decades losing weight lol.

Maybe that is what this Gail meant with the revenge fantasy motivator thingie?

I'm clueless. Ignore moi! emoticon

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
8/15/13 12:11 P

Look, the woman who owned the group of regional franchises, had been playing fast and loose anyway; and had to go back to being just a baked goods manufacturer after a while. No spinoffs into Jenny Craig-like territory ... she didn't have the talent to keep the prepackaged meals honest.

And, for the past 8 months, I, too, have been a diabetic. Looking far from foxy myself; however slender I became (on a MUCH different kind of diet than used and/or encouraged in that diet club. They were wayyyy hippy-ish ... they did NOT encourage strict portion control if you werent' doing the prepackaged stuff-only track, thus guaranteeing failure! - so they could sell more meals and snacks! --I'd have awful high glucose numbers otherwise in my current condition; and that's a major part of my beef.

So, anyway, Gail (who went on to found her own diet club) for all her talents - did buy in to the REVENGE fantasy. Her mesmerizing lectures, kept me going there for a whole year. A year in which I maintained my 195 pounds, no hits, no runs, no errors.

There's an old saying about something else - living well - being the best revenge.

But I guess that doesn't make for good television ...

8/15/13 12:01 P

During my second semester at college, I ended up in a class with the girl who had teased me about my weight since we were both in the 4th Grade. At the time, my eating disorders were in full swing (partially thanks to her endless teasing). So, I was very thin at the time. She on the other hand had gained quite a bit of weight. The whole time she sat next to me, and kept going on about how thin I was, and how did I DO that?

It was annoying and painful. Some would see it as the ultimate revenge, but to this day, thinking about it makes me cringe.

I do not recommend the revenge motivation for weight loss. It's not as rewarding as you would think.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
8/15/13 11:52 A

Honestly, this sounds like unhealthy, disturbed thinking.

and with regards to pranking to get revenge "on the people who wronged them back when they were gross and fat. " Wait what??? "GROSS and fat?" If someone needs to be revenged upon for mistreating the overweight, it would be she-who-just-associated-overweight-with-be

Yeah. What you relay here, does more than just rub me wrong. It makes me despair.

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TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
8/15/13 11:36 A

WELL, back in the old days, I'd vowed I'd never, ever go back to Weight Watchers meetings. They'd once done the age-old fantasy to motivate their members to lose weight - ye old millenarian number on my then very young, 170 pound self, that life would be a bed of roses ... once I lost the weight.

That everything would be hunky-dory...

Well, reality was so different. So, major fail! Decades of searching, I needed a REAL diet club ... one for the REST of US... finally finding one ... no suburban homeowner prices, a hippie-dippy attitude (it would be three years later I'd rediscover yoga practice after decades, too), ALL sorts of members including the non-ambulatory, and occasionally a 300-pounder.

The club was owned and franchised out by a foxy diabetic mom who'd kept off 70 lbs., and who had a supercharged eating plan (though a decade out of fashion at that time) as well as sold prepackaged food (optional) ... PLUS a very real, forgiving lecturer - Gail! In fact, they'd even beat out the illustrious Richard Simmons' Project Me group!

But Gail, unfortunately, for all her scholarly knowledge and down to earthness (her keeping off 300 pounds is no joke, as well!) had one fatal flaw ... the other, less talked about fantasy - the revenge one ...

She used THAT to encourage her members to learn early that they will one-up the skinnies in their midst .. with their fashion, with their personalities, with their appearance and with their panache!!

Something about that fantasy rubbed me the wrong way--and why should it be about weight and appearance, anyhow?

Lesley writes:

"Although the title might seem to suggest that this is a series in which fat people get revenge -- this was my first assumption -- that’s not actually the case. Rather, this is a series in which fat people lose weight and then perform elaborate hoaxes, with help from The Power Of Television, on the people who wronged them back when they were gross and fat. "

Is the revenge fantasy what is needed as a motivator?

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