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Revelation by Cake

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11/1/12 9:44 A

thanks & congratulations

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11/1/12 9:30 A

I agree with your not craving the sweets any more. Once I arrive in DC's Union Station (from commuting from MD), I have to walk by Au Bon Pain, Pet A Manger, Auntie Annie's Pretzels, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, McDonald's, Corner Bakery, Starbuck's (I used to stop at Starbucks and get some kind of coffee and then have to deduct all those calories from my dinner! NO MORE) and on and on.

OK, so I digressed!

Anyway, my point is, I look at that stuff, and I actually cringe when I look at all the sweets and fats. I have conquered my feeling that I think I'm missing something out of life by not eating these bad foods.

You have inspired me to keep walking past all those bad foods.


Posts: 3,798
11/1/12 9:28 A

I could have also written this topic, Gigi (but probably not as well as you did!) We fellow "sugarholics" can relate! And it does appear to be a physical addiction, because I've also noted when I stay away from sugar the cravings go way down. (But seem to weeks later suddenly appear out of the blue for a day or evening--that's where the challenge comes in to ignore them sometimes.)

But Gigi, I honestly do believe you are making one mistake: to just sit there and drink your tea while the others indulge. Here's what will happen if you do:

1. You will feel depravation--like you are being left out of the fun and "group activity".

2. The other members will feel uncomforatable eating around you. I know, who cares what they think, right? But the problem is with that "guilt" they feel comes revenge! They will think it's their task to try to tempt you during the party with sweets...and if you resist their efforts, then later after the party they will tempt you with something sweet. Why? Simply this: they feel guilt over their own "lack of self control" and want you to feel as miserable as they do! Trust me, when people feel guilt like that, they become "diet sabatures"!!!

So what can you do? Well, be creative! You know ahead of time when these "cake party's" will be, right? Plan to have cake or pie, too! But bring your own. Make it a high protein, low sugar cake or pie that you've made at home for yourself. (Make it small, too, so you won't eat it all later.) I have a recipe where I make a chocolate pie from a can of beans! Hard to believe, but it taste good! Somewhere I have a recipe for a single serving cake or pie that is very low calorie (will try to find it).

I truly believe this is a much better solution. Why should you be deprived of joining in with the group? Just bring your own cake/pie slice and join in the fun! Eat it slowly so the sugar addicted group can see you are eating with them and they don't feel that self-induced guilt that turns them into sabatoge monsters!!!

But of course if you forget to bake the diet pie or cake...just drink the tea and lie to the group and tell them you are sick on your stomach or your "sugar is high today" or something they will "buy". Yes, people can be devious, so it's best to throw them a bone, even if it's not totally the truth.

But not only's best to be as normal as you can while dieting. Why should you feel deprived with that lonely cup of tea and nothing else? Doesn't all the food experts warn us that feelings of deprivation lead us to binging later? Sure they do! So the name of the game is PREPARE AHEAD OF TIME for these partys and have your own food ready. Diabetes friendly food. Diet friendly food. After all, you are worth it!

Posts: 2,611
11/1/12 9:21 A

We had the same problem at my office.

We 1) started doing something monthly and 2) did not do cake - we had pizza or a pot luck or such, which is much better than a ton of sugar. The best thing we do now is salad day :) Everyone brings fixins and we share.

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11/1/12 9:18 A

Sweets are my downfall. I have a huge craving for them daily. You are a stronger woman than I am.

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11/1/12 9:16 A

Very smart of you to have your personal "treat" ready to sub for the cake!

Another strategy: When I look at tempting food, I think .."Do I really want that bad anough to undo my work out?" The answer is usually "NO"!

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Posts: 2
11/1/12 9:05 A

Congrats, way to go!! I am very envious of you as I am a sweet-a-holic also and I know it is going to be a hard road but your post keeps me in check for my diet for the day :)

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11/1/12 9:02 A

Congratulations!! Way to go!!!

Posts: 24
11/1/12 9:00 A

It is always great to become self-aware and cheerful, it is more than half the battle we face as we try to live our lives fully in a nutritionally balanced way. Congrats

Posts: 467
11/1/12 8:42 A

Way to go!

Posts: 115
11/1/12 8:41 A

You are 100 percet right on about sugar. Keep up the hard work to get healthy and feel great. I am with you! emoticon

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Posts: 4,868
11/1/12 8:39 A

emoticon planning! Your tea sounds like a great reward!

Posts: 14
11/1/12 8:34 A

I too tend to binge when stressed or overwhelmed. Am finding if I can minimze the triggers and recognize what I'm feeling, rather than stop at Rite Aid and get a candy bar, than I can experience greater success. Keep up the good work. emoticon

Posts: 5,785
11/1/12 8:25 A

I could have written your blog as well. Am DEFINITELY a sugar-holic. When I am regimented enough to go at least 3 weeks w/o sugar, I feel great, lose weight easier & don't suffer from those highs & lows, which gives me SOOOOO much energy. Have to get back there.
Thanks for the impetus. emoticon

Posts: 395
11/1/12 8:23 A


Posts: 441
11/1/12 8:21 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Posts: 1,709
11/1/12 8:18 A

WTG! I sure wish I could do that. I really need to get out sugar. Maybe your post will help me! emoticon

Posts: 3
11/1/12 8:12 A

Kudos to you!! You have way more willpower then I. I'm having a hard time just loosing 5 lbs!

Posts: 14
11/1/12 8:09 A

Good work! Enjoy your day :)

Posts: 8
11/1/12 7:57 A

I need to be like you and find the willpower to resist eating too many sweets.

Posts: 406
11/1/12 7:51 A

Oh, I'm in the same boat. I put together our social "events" for our group at work and it's cupcakes next week for a group of 3 birthdays. I'll keep your post in mind when I'm tempted to sample one, or three.

Posts: 619
11/1/12 7:37 A

Good for you.. What willpower... I give you a TON of credit. I think you deserve an EXTRA long walk for that one. I know this happened a couple of weeks ago... Hope you are still on track!
The very Best,

Posts: 2,327
11/1/12 7:30 A

Good for you!

Posts: 1,297
11/1/12 7:29 A


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Posts: 558
11/1/12 7:24 A

Good luck and Happy Birthday

Posts: 288
11/1/12 7:21 A

Way to go! It is an amazing feeling to show such strength! Keep this feeling with you always emoticon

Posts: 2,515
11/1/12 7:19 A

Good for you! You are strong and it will pay off!

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Posts: 67
11/1/12 7:15 A


I kept some Halloween candy for myself in a small bowl and allowed myself to have some last night and after 7 pieces (which to a lot of people is a lot) I felt sugared out. Which was really a lightbulb moment for me.

This is really embarassing to admit - but this year my husband would buy me a bag of miniature snickers bars and I would eat half of the bag in one sitting. I suspect I have an emotional eating disorder (I binge when I am depressed or anxious). I was so ashamed and it's why I gained two pants sizes in 6 months.

Anyway, For the first time in years, I felt like chocolate was too sweet for me. It was AMAZING. I finally felt like sugar doesn't have power over me anymore and I'm going to limit myself to one or two pieces when it strikes me, but I'm not worried about overeating it because it will only make me feel sick.

Congratulations on resisting the cake. Here's to making new habits and eating healthy!

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Posts: 1
11/1/12 7:08 A

"I also remember how the cravings for sugar will become overwhelming again, and Iíll fight for days to get back where I am right this moment."

This is SUCH an important thing to remember. That *I* need to remember. I'm going thru the fighting-chip-cravings right now and I know that once it's out of my system it won't be so bad. And I know that if I slip back or even "sneak" a bite, I'll fall right into that trap and have to start all over.

I don't know you, but am SO PROUD of you for CHOOSING healthy. Every small battle like this is a HUGE victory!

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Posts: 1,424
11/1/12 7:03 A

Here in Spark people There are a lot of recipes for cakes!!!
I really wonder why
As I come from Denmark I know how pretty open sandwiches can look.
Fruit can also be served in festive ways
I think it would be a job for Spark people to investigate in
alternatives to cakes so birthday parties and other parties can be joyful - also for fat people.

Posts: 38
11/1/12 7:01 A

My word! That cake is a meal in itself. Good for you to look up the information on it. Hope you made it through.

SparkPoints: (32,293)
Fitness Minutes: (40,001)
Posts: 308
11/1/12 7:00 A

Good for you! That's a really big step when the idea of the crash is bigger than the idea of the sugar itself.

We have lots of birthday cakes in the office too and I make sure I have a healthy snack right before joining them with my tea around the cake. That way I know I'm not hungry and won't give in to the combined hunger/sugar cravings/peer pressure, and just feel good about myself.

Good luck!

SparkPoints: (20,864)
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Posts: 1,381
11/1/12 6:58 A

Good for you! emoticon

Posts: 9
11/1/12 6:45 A

Enjoy your tea!

SparkPoints: (74,765)
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Posts: 3,897
11/1/12 6:40 A

Good for you. Keep making those good choices. emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,832)
Fitness Minutes: (2,085)
Posts: 20
11/1/12 6:30 A

Thank you for sharing really helped motivate me this morning! Keep up your good work!

Posts: 6
11/1/12 6:05 A

As a sweet aholic out of control your post gives me hope. I intent to do TODAY what you have already done. Ban the lousy addictive sugar. Thanks for the post!!

Posts: 4
11/1/12 6:00 A

Yay! Good for you!!!

SparkPoints: (139,601)
Fitness Minutes: (47,758)
Posts: 5,234
11/1/12 5:54 A

Sticking to a plan has been critical to my success with weight loss - 90% compliance is important.

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Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
11/1/12 5:40 A

Good for you! It's one day at a time and victory at a time. It is not important how big the step is as long as it is moving forward. May God bless you. He will know exactly what you need.

Posts: 983
11/1/12 5:37 A

Way to go!! Did any of your coworkers act surprised or try to get you to eat cake?

This gives me hope that I can stick to my plan on my business trip. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!

Posts: 97,239
11/1/12 5:24 A

I tried to go to your page but they said they could not find this user.

SparkPoints: (88,886)
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Posts: 3,151
11/1/12 5:15 A

changing your mindset is key, good job!

Posts: 1,782
10/10/12 5:04 P

Good for you!

Once you have that change of perspective it makes it easier and more natural to walk away from such foods in the future - this is the voice of experience! Keep up the great work.

SparkPoints: (27,185)
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Posts: 1,092
10/10/12 3:38 P

You give inspiration. emoticon

SparkPoints: (7,658)
Fitness Minutes: (3,846)
Posts: 254
10/10/12 3:26 P

SUCCESS!!!! I had my preplanned afternoon snack of Snack Sensations Fruit and Cheese Bites (red apples, green apples, grapes, and cheddar cheese) for 180 calories! I also had my Pomegranate Pizzazz tea. I know there are going to be times that I don't say no, but for now... it feels so good!!!

(P.S. I even had to serve the cake and ice cream to my co-workers!)


SparkPoints: (9,500)
Fitness Minutes: (4,545)
Posts: 925
10/10/12 2:01 P

Awesome job!!!!

(To be honest the only real reason I was able to pass up cake the past two weeks for birthdays is because my MIL buys Winn Dixie cakes, usually with chocolate in them, and with orange icing) 1) I only like Publix bakery cakes from stores 2) I hate chocolate cake even if it is swirl and will only politely take a bite at weddings haha and 3) orange frosting looks gross to me. I guess it will work for now LOL I wish I was as strong as you!!

SparkPoints: (7,658)
Fitness Minutes: (3,846)
Posts: 254
10/10/12 12:28 P

Thank you!

Posts: 753
10/10/12 11:39 A

You are so awesome! You inspire me! emoticon

SparkPoints: (7,658)
Fitness Minutes: (3,846)
Posts: 254
10/10/12 11:22 A

I have always been a sweet-a-holic. If itís sweet, Iíve always wanted itÖ Iíve craved it! Iíve been doing well recently with cutting out sugars from my diet. Iíve stopped drinking sugar in my coffee and tea, Iíve cut out desserts, and most breads, etc.

Unfortunately for me, Iím the birthday party planner for my office. Today is one of the (almost monthly, but seems more like weeklyÖ) birthday parties for one of my co-workers. I looked this morning for nutrition information for the store brand cake to add to my SP nutrition tracker. I was able to find the cake information online. For 79 grams of cake and icing, I would consume approximately 330 calories. I wasnít able to find sugar information, but I can only assume it is ridiculous as well.

Iím not sure if something has clicked in my brain, or if all of the warnings of diabetes from my doctor have finally sunk in. As much as Iíd love that high of sugar this afternoon, I suddenly remember the crash after the sugar high more vividly than ever. I also remember how the cravings for sugar will become overwhelming again, and Iíll fight for days to get back where I am right this moment.

For the first timeÖ. The sugar isnít worth it. Iíll have a cup of hot Pomegranate Pizzazz tea while everyone is enjoying cake and ice cream. After work, Iíll go on my scheduled walk, and Iíll continue to move forwardÖ because my health is worth the sacrificeÖ if you can even call it a sacrifice.

Happy Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I know I am! emoticon

(P.S. I will post again this afternoon to help keep me accountable to not sneak a piece!)

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