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12/3/11 1:42 P


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12/3/11 1:18 P

Understood. I guess the question is whether I or another potential customer would benefit from following a set regimen of exercise and diet, that gives structure to what I want to do, rather than free-wheeling.

I think I do ok on my own, but have always thought about trying a plan of some sort like this.... Sarge as you may recall, I'm a sucker for infomercials! Not that I buy anything, but like to watch them. I'm pretty confident that following a system like that for 2-3 months would help someone, a la p90/p90x.....

12/3/11 12:45 P

Personally I would not spend the money for any programme which claims to be either secret or a new discovery. Human anatomy has not changed significantly since Cro Magnon man/woman and physical training has been around for many centuries. As was said before what is new is old and repackaging the old in a new sequence or combination is not all that innovative. Painting and changing the windows on a house built 50 or 100 years ago does not make it a new or innovative house.

Some cases in point, kettlebells are a current rage but they are not new, pictures of gyms of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries show racks of kettlebells. Pictures of the strongmen of those eras showing them with kettlebells in hand. Indian clubs are enjoying a resurgence but I have an eBook reproduction of an Indian Club training manual copyrighted in 1866 which includes a testimonial letter from General U. S. Grant.

There are no gimmicks to getting fit contrary to all the marketing hype. it comes down to good nutrition, proper exercise and a consistent application of both. There is a reason all of these "new and innovative" programmes have the caveat that your mileage may vary. I have VHS tapes of the P90 programme from the past and the exercises in them are the same ones found on the current issue DVDs.

Infomercials are the realm of the current generation of snake oil salesmen preying on those who want a quick and guaranteed method of getting fit.

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12/3/11 9:04 A

I saw it briefly this morning. Isn't it from the makers of P90X (Beach Body)? But ya, putting "abs" in something definitely increases people's interest. Most people do not know that abs are made in the kitchen.

Assuming it's a P90X like workout, it's probably pretty decent. I think a lot of the success of a program like P90X is due to forcing people to tighten up their diet and having them workout intensely for an hour or so 6 days a week, or simply put, a consistent routine. Especially for us beginners, we can do almost anything and it works. A trainer once told me "Everything works .... for about 6 weeks".

So again, going back to my experience with P90X, having a safe, effective plan to follow was great. I developed a lot of good habits and learned quite a few new things. Will you get the results they show on TV? Probably not, but it will improve your fitness level. So will nearly any plan you stick to though.

Sorry I could not speak directly to the product you were referencing, so I'm not sure if any of my post was helpful.

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12/3/11 6:44 A

Looks like a P90X clone to me. Which isn't a surprize. P90X has been such a phenomena this year that many fitness companies are coming out with their version.

I'd say if you already have the money, give it a try. Although I will say there really are no new so called fitness trends. they are variations on exercises and routines that have been around for years.

As they say,"everything old is new again".

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12/3/11 6:40 A

Here's a new one I saw on an infomercial today.

Has anyone used it? Any opinions about it?

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