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TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
7/18/14 11:23 A

Many chain restaurants today have their Nutritional Information online, Texas Roadhouse included. I always check the restaurant website first, and if it's not there, I'll try to find something comparable, knowing that it will only be an estimate. For example, the Caesar Salad (which is typically a horrible choice calorie-wise btw), I would pull up a simlar type chain restaurant and just use their information instead, so if Texas Roadhouse didn't have their NI online, I'd try looking at maybe Outback, or something similar.

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7/18/14 12:01 A

it is very hard to estimate the calories in restaurant food as they do not measure out the same for each dish especially salads you have to use common sense one day at a time

5/22/14 8:13 A

But it does drive me crazy when I can't find the food or Restaurants nutritional information.

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5/21/14 8:42 P

Their website under the menu has the calorie count. MASHED POTATOES (280-290 cal.)
Loaded (500-510 cal.)
CUP OF CHILI (340 cal.)
I would recommend something like the 6 oz sirloin only (200 cal) with a potato or BBQ Grilled Chicken only (250 cal) with a baked potato also (250 cal). I go out to eat often so I have learned to choose foods that I can enjoy without the calories but they will make me full. SALADS ARE THE HIGHEST CALORIES ON THE MENU usually.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
5/21/14 5:17 P

Another good resource for restaurant foods;

In this case, they've got Texas Roadhouse in their "Hall of Shame" as non-disclosers.. but (from another poster) TR evidently has their nutrition values on their website. I haven't checked.

Most other foods are on there, though... and the basics are (I believe) derived from the USDA database. Plenty of fast food and convenience foods on there, too. And restaurants. Worth checking, if you don't find it here!

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5/21/14 5:13 P

It makes sense! I like that idea, now I won't feel so bad for dining out. emoticon emoticon

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5/21/14 3:18 P

Order the meal you want and immediately ask for a take-out container. DIVIDE everything -- salad, entree, dessert.

You still had what you wanted, but only half of it. Have the rest for lunch or dinner the next day.
A one meal "splurge" will not take you off track.

Just don't do this every day / week. Once per month is a nice treat and it also helps keep your body guessing.

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5/21/14 2:28 P

You know, the best relationship with food is the one where you don't avoid it. Sure, some restaurant's have salads with the caloric value of a large pizza, but it's okay to indulge every now and again.

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5/21/14 1:21 P

emoticon I guess they don't want their customers knowing all the cals. etc. in their "made from scratch" foods(they claim, I really don't know) I asked once for nutritional info and they said they don't have that information...I can see why. Thanks for the tip emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,591
5/21/14 1:00 P

"The grilled chicken Caesar salad. or the sides like mashed potatoes w/gravy, or the chilli"


Doodles, Caesar salad is almost always a horrible choice, and adding the chicken does not make it healthier, it just adds more calories. Try a plain salad instead.
If you have mashed potatoes, only eat ONE portion, not the many they will give you... and NO gravy!
Chili varies so much, I would just avoid it. Especially since most restaurant soups have way too much sodium.

How about the smallest grilled steak, side salad and steamed veggie?

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5/21/14 12:00 P is a good site too.



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5/21/14 11:46 A

It's on the online menu...

Oh the powers of Google

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DOODLES1013 SparkPoints: (18,982)
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5/21/14 11:09 A

Does anyone know the nutritional values on some of the meals at The Texas Roadhouse? The grilled chicken Caesar salad. or the sides like mashed potatoes w/gravy, or the chilli emoticon

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