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Restaurant food/eating out

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3/15/13 7:44 A

Welcome to SP where when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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3/14/13 9:25 P

You already got some good advice in the previous post.

I would also add that if you know ahead of time that you'll be going out, you can plan for it accordingly. You can save some calories from your other meals and then use more at the meal out. You can also make sure to get in some extra exercise on a day like that.

I know some people have to do a lot of dining out because of their job situations. But I also try to cook as much for myself as I can, leaving dining out as an only-sometimes event to look forward to.

Even if the restaurant you visit does not have a nutrition sheet (as JAMBABYO suggested) you can look up similar foods at chain restaurants and get a ball-park for how many calories might be in the dish.

Don't feel awkward about asking questions about how the foods are cooked. You're the consumer and as long as you ask respectfully, most restaurants are happy to give you information/happy to keep your business in the future!

Posts: 12,779
3/14/13 8:06 P

Hi and welcome. So glad you are here to make a change! Restaurant eating is very hard! Some places have a sheet that will tell you the stats for what you are eating but not all. Some of them will even tell you about how something is cooked and what it is cooked in. Try to find things like salads and things that are grilled. Always tell make sure you ask for light oils and such. Stay away from things that are fried and smothered with gravies. Try to get them to put any kind of dressing on the side so you no how much your using. Good luck on your journey

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3/14/13 6:19 P


My name is Catherine and I would like to know how you can eat out at restaurants and not go off your diet. Last night I was at a place that served cabbage rolls and perogies and I am sure that I ate enough at dinner (I had two of each) to do me the whole day. Any advice about eating at restaurants would be great.


Take care,


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