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7/2/13 8:05 P

Yep, I also have tried all diets. This book is more about changing ones eating habits....which seems to be helping me. Yes,it is still hard , miss my cream an cheese I actually believe I am part mouse!!!! But I also like feeling better, have not done it long enough to feel great, but even a little better is worth the effort. Having all my new Spark friend to encourage me helps !!!!!! emoticon

PIXIEROSE1 SparkPoints: (604)
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7/2/13 7:49 P

Thanks, LOVE the picture!!!!!!

PIXIEROSE1 SparkPoints: (604)
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7/2/13 7:48 P

LOL, Thanks Jules, I know you are right. This E.T.L. seems extreme in some ways. But will admit I am actually feeling a bit better. Don't know if I will stick to it always, but will for awhile.

JULES46561 Posts: 118
6/30/13 9:47 P

Pixie - I have read and re-read Eat to Live. Your creamer is not a deal breaker. You will stop using it when you are ready. Don't lose sleep over it. Best wishes to you.

6/30/13 7:21 P

emoticon to SparkPeople! I'm so glad you've joined us. There are so many tools here, so many helpful people, so many teams to help you keep your motivation strong. YOU can do this if you keep coming back, day after day.

Wishing you the best on your journey!
Cathy emoticon

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
6/30/13 5:18 P

Welcome back Pixie!


6/30/13 5:08 P

Hi Pixie,
I have been doing this for about 3 weeks, I am 66 years old and have only lost 5 lbs, but I already feel better. I fell off the wagon today and that is disappointing, but to address your cream in the coffee. I had the same problem, I loved my coffee with cream in the morning. Just cutting back did not help me, I had to quit cold turkey with the crème. I started making my coffee less strong, and now I drink it black with just some sweet n low. I do not miss the crème. Maybe that can work for you. I hope so...good luck to you.

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6/30/13 4:57 P

Hi Pixie. I am 63 also and decided that this site looks very good to me. It's my first day here. I am pleased to meet you. I haven't tried the plan you mentioned but it seems like I have tried every diet under the sun. I think my plan this time is to eat healthy foods in moderate portions. I know I can't "be on a diet" for the rest of my life. So, that seems reasonable to me. I hope you do well. It's funy how hard some "little" things, like cream in your coffee, can be to give up. Good luck.

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6/30/13 4:46 P

Hi, I am Pixie, I tried this once few years ago. Life got busy, an I stopped. But I am now 63, an Still need to lose a lot. Has anyone on here tried the "Eat To Live Plan"? I tried it faithfully for 3 days, then busted, but will start again in the morning. I do feel better, an I am losing some. I just can NOT give up the crem in my coffee..........but have cut it down to a small amount an only 2 cups. Could use some input if anyone else has tried it God Bless !!

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