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7/22/13 9:58 A

If you feel like you must exercise, how about some light upper-body work, like lifting with lighter weights? It might be enough to make you feel like you've done something, but nothing taxing enough to defeat the purpose of resting.

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7/22/13 6:20 A

I agree with Archimedes - the impact of miles of running inherent in marathon training is hard on the body, and it is important to takes days off for your body to recover and get stronger,and for your performance to improve.

I think it helps to think (and refer) to them as "Recovery Days", rather than "Slacker Days".


7/22/13 5:50 A

I have to calm my mind before I can calm my body, and both Pilates and yoga help me do so.

Also, I'm not big on soaking bubble baths, but there are times when it really helps just to indulge in something like that, and a rest day might be just the occasion to do so.

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7/21/13 5:54 P

Yoga is a good idea! It's good for healing and relaxation. I've been consider it myself. I have trouble on rest days too.... I'd rather call them rest-"less" days. I've learned to save a lot of my heavy cleaning and most of my housework for those days. I try to bake and prep food in the afternoon. I have children so my time spent usually involves them, we'll go for a walk or to the park.

Just come up with a "to do list" for those days to keep yourself busy.

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7/21/13 5:12 P

You could also do something around your house/yard that you usually don't have time or energy for -- deep cleaning, reorganizing your basement or garage, a big gardening or pruning project, painting the hallway, etc.

7/21/13 4:07 P

Given that it sounds like your trainer has a particular plan to get you in top form for the marathon, you may ask your trainer what s/he has in mind. Some are very particular that on rest days you REST. Others consider light exercise okay. And it is up to you whether you follow your trainer or not, but chances are, you are paying them the big bucks =0)

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7/21/13 3:46 P

The others have made suggestions that I would make (leisurely walk).

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7/21/13 3:21 P

Training for a marathon is hard on a person's body. You definitely want to make sure you get a good rest/recovery. Running too much increases your risk for injury, burn out and fatigue. As a spark friend of mine told me about my own ambitions for a half marathon, you want to make sure you ENJOY the experience of training for a marathon.

What to do ? You could engage in some LIGHT cardiovascular exercise. You could take a walk. You could take a bike ride. Go for a swim. How about yoga ? I'm a big believer that someone involved in a high intensity activity should also do yoga to not only increase their flexibility, but also their stamina, coordination, balance, strength, etc. It also helps me to relax

Do something that doesn't tax or strain your body if you want to do something. However, I will say this from my own experience with running. If you take a day or two off between runs, you'll find that you do have more energy. I found that when I ran too many days in a row, not only did my times suffer, but so did my body because it didn't have enough recovery time.

I too am going to encourage you to try to enjoy the experience of training for that marathon. It really is important to take those rest days because what happens when you get injured ? None of us is immune to an injury.

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7/21/13 3:15 P

hey! I ran niagara international marathon last year!

try some yoga..

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7/21/13 3:03 P

I have started seriously working towards a marathon ( Niagara International October214 is race and goal date) my trainer has said I need two rest days a week. Today is one of those days, but I am so restless today, I am going nuts! I *really* want to do something.
What do others here do, when this happens. I'd appreciate any advice you call can give me.

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