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Resisting the MONSTER!

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2/6/12 11:45 A

Oh no! I could tell you some stories! I promise sugar is addicting. It took me a couple of weeks to "wean" myself off of it. For at least two weeks I was SO tired and craved sugar SO much. Now that I have gotten over the hump I don't even think about it. As a matter of fact it tastes terrible to me now. At my lowest I would sneak into the kitchen and melt some butter then disolve a couple of spoons of sugar into it. I would hate myself for standing there eating the bowl of buttery sugar. Really! Who does that?
Go You! You passed the test for the day. It does get easier.

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2/5/12 11:49 P

Read Gary Taubes' wonderful book "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT". He says Dr. Atkins was right that it is sugars/starches that spike INSULIN and it makes us fat, as the stomach pumps out GHERLIN the hunger hormone making us want to eat more.
I got the book at the library.

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2/4/12 1:21 P

It probably sounds like a joke to many, but SUGAR is my drug of choice. There is no "just a little taste" in existence for me. Too many times I have played that game, and I don't like the end result. However, just this week I was able to resist a rediculously indulgent pot luck at work (pizza, dips, sweet sugary treats) as well as the leftovers in the break room the next day! In the past I would have told myself that a little would be okay, but for the goals I have set for myself and the fact that I am unwilling to regress ever again, I was able to stick to the healthy lunch and snacks that I had packed and gave myself a pat on the back for making this baby step of progress. Then I came home and had an awesome workout each day--yay me!

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