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2/18/15 8:31 P

Hi, new to this board, recently saw Marie Osmond selling her exercise bar and band set on QVC. Reviews were not to positive, and some suggested Spri exercisie bar and tube band set. I ordered the Spri, on line via Amazon .com based on the positive reviews. It is a very nice bar with bands, however instructions which came with is about chest pulls, etc. I have a curvature in spine and am starting out, trying to stretch calves as well as work adominal muscles going very lightly as its all new for me. Does anyone own one and if so, can you offer any info, and help? I am looking on Spark and only see videos without the bar. I have fibro, and hope I made a good decision in trying to gently work my muscles, with this tool. Thank you.

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5/27/14 9:48 A

These sound good for people that aren't able to exercise due to issues that slow them down, great way to work-out!!!

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5/27/14 8:32 A

Thanks! I guess I can do exercises at my desk - I work in a call center and I know that's caused some of my weight gain too - being inactive all day.

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5/27/14 6:48 A

Resistance bands are cheap, portable and extremely versatile - definitely a great first fitness purchase.


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5/26/14 5:59 P

I love resistance bands. I have one that is attached to a bar. It's suppose to be used for
palates. But you can do so much more with it. I can wind the bands around the bar and do bicep curls. Or put it over my head and rest the bar on my neck and do squats and lunges. I got mine at Big 5 but I have seen them at walmart for 20 bucks. I have gotten my monies worth and then some.

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5/26/14 3:04 P

Resistance bands are a great way to begin your strength training routine. And they aren't just for beginners. I know body builders who use them as part of their training routine too. I've been using them for years.

Most exercises that a person can do with hand weights can be done with resistance bands. Where to start ? I would start by joining SERGEANTMAJORs resistance band team. He's got a bunch of beginner to advanced routines posted.

Some exercises that you could do with the bands include rows, lateral raises, front raises, shoulder presses, chest presses (you'll need a study post to wrap the bands around to do that), squats with the bands, bicep curls, dead lifts, etc.

NOTE, this trainer is using a circular band. You can do the same things with ones with handles.

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5/26/14 8:29 A

Does anyone use them regularly? I have them at home and I need to start slow as far as excercise goes. The resistance bands seem to be an 'easy' way to start.

Any tips, excercises? I know they've got the library on here, but just looking for a little bit more personal input.

Thanks in advance! :)

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