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MARUKI52 Posts: 1,566
9/23/13 9:33 A

Alorta. I see they are a Chinese company and they ship to the UK as well as to other countries. Thanks for that information. Now to check out the other suggestions.

MARUKI52 Posts: 1,566
9/23/13 9:26 A

Thanks to all who have replied. I will be looking into all your suggestions. Like you, Yogageek, I've come across similar reviews which have put me off somewhat. Hence I thought I'd try SP to see if any UK Sparkers had suggestions.

Looking at all your suggestions now.

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9/23/13 6:35 A

I've been looking for these, too, but I specifically want the ones that are a long, stretchy ribbon, not the tubes with handles. I've looked on Amazon, but all the products have some reviews saying they're amazing and some saying they snapped the first time they were used!

Have you tried somewhere like JJB Sports? They have a few, of both varieties, on their website.

LOTUS737 Posts: 2,056
9/22/13 7:56 P

when we were in india my dad wanted some bands- his FAVORITE to date (even over the very expensive fancy set i bought him one year) are just old bike tires- cut them up- you can vary the length and you can cut the width as needed to get the resistance you want. these are best for isometrics and are super cheap.

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9/22/13 12:17 P

I have no sources in the UK but check online at or . If you have a connection here they could purchase and ship them to you. I have done that for a friend in the UK in the past.

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9/22/13 11:24 A

I just ordered a set off Ebay; you might try it there.
The ones I got cost me just over $13 USD and free international shipping. I'm in EU at the moment and bumming some weights off friends, so I figured these would be good enough for a starter set.
here's a link (let me know if I made a big mistake ^_~ )

MARUKI52 Posts: 1,566
9/22/13 10:46 A

Can anyone recommend any of the above that are available in the UK please?

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