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10/6/11 8:43 P


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10/6/11 3:12 P

Congratulations! 20 lbs is a great mile stone and having people recognize your progress is the best reward for the effort.

Hopefully I can fallow your example. Keep on working hard and have a good run!

JLAM1987 Posts: 22
10/6/11 12:24 P

I am now at 186.6 pounds, down from 206 on my SP start date of August 2nd :)

I'm pretty happy about this loss- about 20 pounds!

People are starting to notice :D Yesterday, a lady I know from work who I haven't seen in 2 months came in and she said "WOW you've lost weight! how much? how'd you do it?" It's great knowing that people are starting to see a difference, because it's sooo gratifying when they say something! I can definitely feel a difference and my clothes show it as well. Soooo close to fitting into my old jeans!

My goal is to be down to 181 by the end of October, and at 175 by my birthday on November 28th. I think it is totally reasonable- 5 more pounds for the month of October, and 6 for the month of November. It's become very obvious to me that my weight loss for the first month was not realistic to expect, so I am readjusting my goals accordingly.

It's been a slow workout week due to being too busy, so I am looking forward to a good run on the treadmill tonight!

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