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1/15/13 11:34 P

Here's how it's calculated:

It is recalculated any time you hit the Save button on the weight goals page, and on the fitness goals page. If you want to have your numbers redone, check and save both of those pages.

You can manually set different nutritional goals, but it's easiest to change Spark's range by changing your goal date. Bring it forward if you want a lower range, push it out if you want a higher one.

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JAM2DREW Posts: 12,585
1/15/13 10:03 P

I'm not sure my target range for calories is correct. My weight is about 148 and I am walking on the treadmill for about 35 minutes 6 nights a week. Sparks said that I burned 122 calories which I'm not sure either. My omron pedometer said 111 kcal. The calorie range on sparks is 1270 - 1620. How is the range calculated? Can I adjust it?

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