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4/11/13 8:06 P

I have not been using the site for a long time. I'm older (71). I have shrunk a little (5'7" now). My weight is stuck between 163 and 166lb. I would like to get to 155lb. I eat healthily most of the time (but have to fight a sweet/carb craving). I have scads of opportunity to exercise (but mostly don't). I still work part-time and am on my feet and hustling most of that time. I have developed a slight bone thinning, my cholesterol is up again and my last Ha1c was slightly elevated. What all this is leading up to is that I thought I filled out something at one time that gave me the calories and other nutrients I needed to stay healthy.

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3/4/13 8:47 A

What is your current weight, height, goal weight, and target weekly weight loss goal?

If you are working out that much, eating at the low end of the 1200-1550 range, then I suspect you've set too aggressive a weight loss goal. 1200 calories is likely not enough to support that kind of activity unless you are very small.

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3/3/13 10:45 P

Also, consider whether your range is appropriate.

If you aren't very big now, with little weight to lose, you may have set an aggressive weight loss goal that isn't very realistic, and keeps you on a much-reduced range in order to attempt to achieve what you've asked.

If your amount to lose per week is more than about 3% of your excess weight to lose in total, it's probably too fast.

Eg if you have 20lbs to go, that should have a goal rate of no faster than 0.6lbs per week, or in other words a goal date of no closer than 6-8 months away.

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3/3/13 7:05 P


As the previous poster said, be sure to update your calories burned goal to reflect how much exercise you're doing. Also consider eating towards the top of your range. You can still lose weight this way and might find it helps you feel better.

Coach Jen

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3/3/13 5:45 P

I recently ran into this issue when I stopped losing weight for a month. I was burning 1500 calories a week and set at 1200-1550. I went into the change goals section under fitness and manually input 1500 as the calories burned per week and it upped my intake to 1560-1910 daily.

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3/3/13 3:56 P

Hi there - I'm wondering how to do this - I am currently burning around 2500 calories in exercise a week but my calorie allowance is only 1200 -1550 - does this seem like enough - I'm feeling a little spaced out at times - any suggestions? I am eating at the lower end of my range. Thanks!

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