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This is a post I made on the Arthritis Team site this morning. I think it’s good information to also pass on to people not on that team. The response is to a person asking if anyone knew anything about the effectiveness of raspberry ketone for weightloss:

When I hear of a vitamin or supplement on the market that promises certain benefits I do 2 things to check it's possible effectiveness:

1. I go to WebMD's "Find a Vitamin or Supplement" site and see what it says. It has really good information about uses and effectiveness for quite a few things. I just went there and typed in Rasberry Keytones and this is what it said:

Insufficient Evidence for:
Weight loss.
Increasing lean body mass.
Hair loss (alopecia).
More evidence is needed to rate raspberry ketone for these uses.

Here's the link to the WebMD's Vitamin and Supplement search page:

If you look to the left once you're on that page you can also do a search by medical condition to look for things that might be effective for your particular condition. I looked up "obesity" and "arthritis" for example. They give a list of products that claim to work for your condition. The products are rated as "Possibly Ineffective" through "Likely Effective", there are several categories in between. You can then click on the product on the list and read more about it. I found out about SAMe that way when I searched for "arthritis", it's rating is "Likely Effective."

2. If I find a product that I want to try I go to and look for it, not necessarily to buy it from Amazon but to read other people's reviews of the effectiveness of the product. Sometimes you can get good information just from reading reviews from people who have used the product for awhile, how long it takes before the product starts working for example.

Unfortunately we are all in the position of wanting a "miracle cure" and are hopeful of every new product we hear about. There are a lot of unethical companies out there that are more than happy to take advantage of that and even more happy to take our money.

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