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5/17/12 11:06 A

So if I am discouraging- why torture yourself with a job where you just replace one bad habit for another.. Change jobs, get one that doesn't have anything to do with food. It then makes taking a packed lunch and keeping within the calorie range more of a reachable goal..

I am a widowed mom and my before photos are proof- don't take food industry jobs if will power is the strength of zero. I was working around food, where I am now I have to behave myself as one cookie deal over asking how a person is easier than tucking into everything bad on the list where it is on tap free..

Taking my own advice helped me get 80kgs off.. If I went back to a food industry job, I would put on my weight again- so I let bad jobs be..

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5/17/12 1:54 A

I know this may sound counterintuitive, but instead of going cold-turkey on the fast food items you're struggling with right now, how about slowing tapering off your intake of them? I ate a lot of fast food last spring, but now I never eat any and don't even feel tempted. You can keep track of how many times you eat a fast food item per week, and then each week have that less and less until it's zero. Or you can use months-- I know this January I had fast food 4 times, February I had it 3 times, and March & April and so far in May I've had fast food 0 times. You can reward yourself little things (new iTunes songs, fitness magazine, workout DVD) every time you reach the goal for that week/month.

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5/17/12 1:40 A

Unfortunately, I work in a fast food restaurant. So I'm around terrible free food all day, every day. Aside from quitting my job, I have no idea how to stop indulging! We got rid of the slushie machine, so I moved to soda, which until getting this job, I never drank. I managed to stop eating fries, and now I moved on to the deserts. I've gained a sizable amount of weight over the past few months and am now back to my starting weight after two years. I've tried chewing gum, water, bringing my own food, everything. And it definitely isn't a matter of undereating, I have that more than covered. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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