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5/1/13 12:28 P

Glucerna is great to carry amy where, I work part-time in racing and get tired, bored, and some times sick of the food offered at most tracks so I Glucerna, it is easy to carry, taste good and meets my needs. Even use it for meal or when blood sugar is up and down, to carry me over.

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5/1/13 11:53 A


Also remember that just because you have the Glucerna, that doesn't mean you have to use it. Talk to your doctor. Eating food is a lot more pleasant than drinking something, especially if you have the unflavored tube feeding stuff. As long as you're still capable of eating normal food, the best thing to do might be to pass the Glucerna along to a charity that can get it to people who really need it (or return it to wherever you got it.) Again, your doctor can probably help with that.

5/1/13 10:30 A

20 grams of carb from sugar or 20 grams of carb from a carrot or 20 grams of carb from apple juice---all bring about basically the same blood sugar response. Fine tweaking is needed only when a person sees a higher than normal reading when say "a banana" or "a potato" is eating. Then the food and the glycemic index and the composition of the entire meal and snack is evaluated. It happens seldom. Most folks can strictly go on grams per meal or grams per snack. Of course within the diabetes eduction, one would also learn about nutrition quality of food.

A person who tests for blood sugar knows "how" to do this in relationship to the timing of the last meal. Pre-meal test and when to test blood sugar again after eating. To say "eat a food and see what your blood sugar does"----this does not take into account the last eating episode, the compostion of the last eating episode, the fasting blood sugar, etc, etc. This is not the "technique" used with a person who has diabetes. There are too many variables that enter the formula.


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5/1/13 9:40 A

"There are a few foods that sometimes need individual tweaking depending on the individual tolerance. For folks, there does not need to be an "eat the food and see what your blood sugar does". This is not necessary and it is inaccurate information."

I am not a diabetic so I have a few questions.

I find this statement very confusing. Tolerance of carbohydrates in general or tolerance of a specific carbohydrate? Wouldn't 20 grams of carbohydrate from carrots react far differently in the body than 20 grams of table sugar?

Also how can a blood sugar reading be inaccurate? Isn't the whole point of testing blood sugar to see how your body reacts to the food you have eaten?

5/1/13 7:54 A

A diabetes educator assesses completely the person with diabetes and determines the appropriate grams of carbs to be eaten at every meal and snack. (assuming the person is not on an insulin pump)

For example, perhaps the person is to have 45 grams of carb at breakfast. The 8 ounce Glucerna Shake has 29 grams of carbohydrate. Thus the person should have approximately 16 more grams of carbohydarte. This could be used as a serving of fruit for example.

"On average" any gram of carbohydrate reacts in the body similarly and produces the same blood sugar response. There are a few foods that sometimes need individual tweaking depending on the individual tolerance. For folks, there does not need to be an "eat the food and see what your blood sugar does". This is not necessary and it is inaccurate information. Instead, on should look at the food and the amount of carbohydrates---then count for those carbs in your eating plan.

We have a Diabetes Resource Center at Sparkpeople that provides more information on the nutritional care of diabetes, pre-diabetes, etc.

5/1/13 5:16 A

Yes please elaborate Becky.

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4/30/13 11:03 P

Could you elaborate on your response?

4/30/13 11:17 A

With diabetes care, it is not evidenced based practice to "eat a food and test your blood sugar to see how it reacts to the food." This is inaccurate information.

For diabetes care, a "carbohydrate counting" plan is used ofor all meals and snacks. One would look at the carb amount on the food label and compare it to the number of carbs they are to have at the meal or snack. Which is why the original poster should work the glucerna into their carb counting plan, or talk with the doctor, dietitian, or diabetes educator for more assistance with this.

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4/30/13 8:04 A

I second Michelle. Test your blood sugar before and after to see how your body reacts to it.

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4/30/13 5:50 A

I think the best place to seek advice regarding this would be your doctor or nutritional specialist, if you have one that you regularly visit.

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4/29/13 11:57 P

Have you tested your BG before and after the Glucerna?

4/29/13 10:10 P

Yes, the Glucerna can be used as a meal or snack replacement; however, to know how to do the substitution correctly would be based on the number of carbohydrates you are to have at that meal or snack. Do talk to your doctor, dietitian or diabetes educator.

And also, the Glucerna Shake is the good tasting supplement form. Glucerna 1.2 could be the formula that is used for tube feedings and not flavored for "oral" use. Not sure what you have????

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4/29/13 7:39 P

The burning question in my mind is, what's in the glucerna? Carbs, fat, protein grams. How does the nutrition compare with a small meal?

Also, what diabetic meds do you take? If you're taking insulin, any change in diet will probably require a change in insulin.

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4/29/13 5:04 P

I "ditto' Heather - OR call your Dietitian.


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4/29/13 3:14 P

Given that you are diabetic, I would strongly recommend that you call and ask this of your doctor. Diabetes complicates things that others really don't have to worry about, and while Glucerna is focused on keeping blood sugar level, such things affect people differently.

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4/29/13 3:03 P

Sorry... that is Glucerna... not Glucerma

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4/29/13 3:01 P

I have 5 cases of Glucerna 1.2. I went to Glucerna web site and the lady there wasn't much help.
Anyone have any idea if I stopped eating lunch and drank Glucerna 1.2 how would that effect my health.
I am a 74 diabetic male 5'9" 192 lbs. Would like to loose more weight.. have lost 30+ pounds in the past few months.
I use to come to this site a few years ago and am back.
Hopefully someone here will be able to give me advice.
Thank you...

Still not that familiar with this site.,..

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