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1/9/14 7:08 P

These products and products similar to these are a "scam" and a waste of your money.
Do not buy weight loss frauds such as these.

Your body is perfectly capable of removing toxins and keeping itself clean. There is no need to "cleanse" it. Think of your circulatory, digestive, and renal-urinary systems. They do a great job.

And...research has shown that these type products can also be harmful and result in emergency room visit for dehydration, etc.

The reason you don't see information on our SP site about the use of these products is because we want to keep our site safe for our 15 million members.

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1/9/14 4:21 P

Your body isn't a toilet, and it can't be flushed.

The only "cleanse" you need, and that is effective, is focusing on eating healthy, whole foods instead of processed junk. There are no supplements that have been proven to do what they say they do about "flushing toxins" and cleansing your body of things it can't do on its own. Your body is very efficient at doing that on its own. It doesn't need OTC supplements to help.

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1/9/14 3:59 P

Your body is not "toxic" to begin with--it does not need to be cleansed. These things do absolutely nothing for you--they are just a waste of money.

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1/9/14 3:55 P

Hello All,

I always find myself coming back to SP to read articles on different nutrition, "diets". etc. and I was surprised to see that there were not a lot of people talking about the ReNew Life Cleanses.

From the research I have done they seem very affordable (around $30/14-day cleanse) and accessible (sold at Wal-Mart, Health Food Stores and Amazon). They also have raving-reviews and are said to be a very natural and GENTLE way of cleansing your system (no running to the washroom the entire time).

I have not been able to find more then a handful of comments on SP (with very vague information) on these products. They make a wide variety of cleanses - some whole body, some focusing on the liver, some to quit smoking etc.

I am wondering if anybody has used any of these cleanses and what there experience was?

Myself, I am interested in doing the FIRSTCleanse (a gentle whole body cleanse - 14 days) and the DietStart Cleanse (14 days as well). I understand that a cleanse does not provide long-term weight loss.

I would love to hear what other people think.


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