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4/20/14 7:03 P

emoticon emoticon
Enjoy the show.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,125
4/20/14 8:31 A

For the pp about the menorah & the dreidel... those are no more "religious" than the emoticons there are, for a Christmas tree, bells, a candy cane, Easter items, etc. They are pictures of items associated with the Jewish religion.... but not "religious" symbols per se. For that, you'd need at least a Star of David and there is not one. There are many more emoticons for things associated with Christian religions, than there are for things associated with Judaism. But it's incorrect to claim there are Jewish religious symbols, and no Christian ones.

JANCARD SparkPoints: (92,182)
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4/20/14 6:23 A

I also like the SP policy for the boards and think the moderators do a great job. We probably don't say it often enough, but emoticon emoticon

MYAKAYAH Posts: 9,901
4/19/14 8:26 P

I'd have to say I like the policy on Spark People about religion and political topics since they can get heated in a hurry. If you want to discuss those topics there are groups to do so since a lot of people enjoy being with individuals who are like minded as they are. Most can't have a civil discussion these days without getting offended or being offensive to others.

FAITHP44 Posts: 6,411
4/19/14 3:41 A

Thanks Jen

That explains it well - and I got 5 points for reading it!! emoticon

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (373,009)
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4/18/14 11:30 P

Online Now  • ))
I believe the mods are doing an incredible job! I thank them for their patience and dedication!

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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4/18/14 8:43 P

Two thumbs up for the mods as their job isn't an easy one!

4/18/14 8:36 P

Coach Jen, Thank you for responding to her question. I understand why the need for the guidelines, even though I'm very open minded and found this question interesting. In my life, I've found SO MANY people that want to argue and stir up dust because someone explains what THEIR views are....I think the guidelines the SP has are wise.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,125
4/18/14 8:26 P

I can understand why they have guidelines, and I'd agree that I don't think they're narrow-minded. There are plenty of other social websites for political & religious discussions.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 15,222
4/18/14 5:20 P

I don't mind religious or political posts. I was looking at the emoticons that we could add to our posts and I noticed there are no Christian emoticons. The symbols for our holidays are secular symbols. There is a Menorah and a dreydel. I 'don't' mind that there is a Menorah and a dreydel. I would like to have some Christian items, too

Then again, Spark People has rules and they have to stick to them. Their board, their rules

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FLORADITA SparkPoints: (54,403)
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4/18/14 4:23 P

I think it is great that the moderators keep this site clear of political and religious content, I come here for support and advice on health, nutrition and exercise. If I wanted or needed spiritual, religious or political comments there are plenty of places on the internet that offer that kind of discussions. I am always surprised that people think that their religious or political comments are harmless or even would be desired.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,415
4/18/14 12:29 P

Hi Faith

We only allow political and religious discussion in SparkTeams of that nature, not on the Message Boards. It's in our Community Guidelines:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

4/18/14 11:45 A

anything that can offend and off subject

FAITHP44 Posts: 6,411
4/18/14 11:40 A

OK Thanks Jen

Is that just in the café as there are lots of religious threads in some of the other places?

I don't mind if you remove this one now you've answered the question - before it becomes an argument about whether you do a good job or not!!!

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
4/18/14 11:38 A

I haven't always understood why threads are removed but over the years I've been bouncing on and off and all over this site, I think the spark staff and mods are awesome, kind, patient and do a good job.

Their room, their rules. They gotta do what they gotta do. That isn't being narrow minded, just following the site's policy.

LUANN_IN_PA SparkPoints: (154,447)
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Posts: 19,056
4/18/14 8:29 A

I think the mods here are far too generous as to what is being posted.
IMHO, more posts (even whole boards!) should be removed... there is so much irrelevance and duplications!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,410
4/18/14 6:44 A

"Sometimes, the mods here can be very narrow-minded and unfair!"

Are you kidding? I think the mods do a GREAT job.

Now sure, sometimes a post or thread is removed that *I personally* think "aw, that could have stayed" or a post/thread is allowed to remain that *I personally* think was worthy of removal... but what's important to remember is that they have to moderate in line with some overall guidelines, NOT just based on what *I personally* think is right.... because MY "personal view" is specific to ME and going to be very different than someone else's view. They have to balance the needs of a HUGE community of very diverse individuals. It can't be easy and I totally commend Spark for the job it does at keeping these forums a pleasant and respectful place for all users.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,415
4/18/14 6:35 A

Hi Faith

We don't allow political or religious discussion on the Message Boards because both are such hot topics that often times result in a lot of heated arguments. So if the post was religious, that's why it would have been removed. I'm sorry if you did not get a notification about that.

Coach Jen

EOWYN2424 Posts: 7,214
4/18/14 4:04 A

You got me! I posted on naughty peeping toms that are little boys and how if their behaviour is not corrected, they will grow up to be sex offenders and it got removed too!

Sometimes, the mods here can be very narrow-minded and unfair!

FAITHP44 Posts: 6,411
4/18/14 3:57 A

I'm puzzled.

I started a thread a month or so ago asking people of any religion if they pray, how, what it means to them, if they experience answers to prayer etc. A lot of people were replying with meaningful answers - OK a few used it to just say yes or no (and they were usually the same people each day) but many of the answers were interesting and I enjoyed reading the responses.

Then suddenly it was gone. I thought the guidelines said that normally we are told if (and why) our post is being removed.

I didn't mention its disappearance at first as I didn't want to moan or whinge, but I'm still puzzled as to why it disappeared. People weren't using it to be abusive or anything. One person commented that it was a strange question as Spark people isn't a religious site, but then people put up posts about all sorts of things that are nothing to do with weight loss but may be of interest to some people.

So what was the problem??

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