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Remember Sadie Hawkins Day ?

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2/29/12 8:37 P


Posts: 4,604
2/29/12 8:27 P

Yep I remember them but we had one each year

Posts: 3,627
2/29/12 10:02 A

I remeber Sadie Hawkins dances when I was a kid.

Posts: 401
2/29/12 9:22 A

We used to have Sadie Hawkins dances in my high school. My daughter is in high school now, and they call it the WPA Dance (Women Pay All). It is much more casual than Homecoming and Courtwarming and the kids love it.

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2/29/12 9:15 A

I hadn't thought of that in years! I remember the high school "Sadie Hawkins Dances", and trying to work up the courage to invite the boy I had a crush on to dance with me. Thanks for the memories.

Posts: 126
2/29/12 9:11 A

We had Sadie Hawkins dances annually when I was in Junior High. I don't remember Leap Year having anything to do with it. Perhaps they just thought it was fun so did it every year.

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2/29/12 8:32 A

I remember the dances from high school in the 70s. I never asked anyone, I was new in school and all the boys had girl friends already.

Posts: 1,142
2/29/12 8:21 A

Does anyone out there remember Sadie Hawkins Day ? When I was growing up (I'm talking the 1960's) it was what we always called February 29th and there were usually dances (where the girls could ask the boys). Back then and for much of the 20th century, Leap Day was the one time every four years that a woman was "allowed" to ask a man to marry her........Different world then, huh?

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