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Relay for Life: tons of walking

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6/13/13 10:11 P

The fitness tracker will only really track 2 hours of activity a day anyway

I don't usually track those type of events. I walk for hours with running laps mixed in but I still just count it as bonus activity

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6/13/13 9:43 P

This is my fourth Relay, so I know the routine at ours pretty well. (I agree that different Relays have different "personalities.") I definitely do my share of enjoying the atmosphere, which is why I say I won't be doing 6 hours straight of walking. Our team is pretty serious about having someone on the track at all times, though, and because there will only be a couple of us staying overnight, that will mean I'll be "on duty" for a significant portion of the time between 10pm and 6am (and some of the time from 6pm to 10pm before that). Counting half might be the way to go--then I won't feel like I'm over-counting, but I'll still be tracking at least some of it, so I won't feel cheated. :)

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6/13/13 4:51 P

Eh, how about count half? List in in your tracker as 3 hours of walking.

I do the Susan G. Komen 60 mile walk every year. Thats 8 hours a day of brisk walking with lots of hills. I don't count it because it is so unsual my body kind of freaks out. I usually gain about 5 pounds!

Congrats on participating in a good cause!!
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6/13/13 4:50 P

I think each Relay for Life is different, but in my sad shape, I've done one and it was not what I'd call exercise. Oh, there was a lot of walking, but there was a lot more playing around. It was a TON of fun, and a means to meet and hang out with a lot of really awesome people while doing a good thing for some good people. Looking back, I have a hard time seeing it as exercise, though, or at least something I'd care to track.

Maybe do it and see what your opinions are when it is done?

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Fitness Minutes: (26,518)
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6/13/13 3:55 P

Tomorrow, I'm participating in the American Cancer Society's fundraiser, Relay for Life. Basically, that involves having someone from your team walking around a track at all times for 12 hours. I won't be the only person walking on my team, so I won't be going the full 12 hours, but there's a decent chance I could be doing half of it.

I'm not concerned about being able to do it physically--I'm in pretty good shape now and am used to running four days a week (will be skipping my run tomorrow morning, though!), and a long run of 7+ miles once a week. My question, though, is whether to count this as exercise.

I don't expect to be walking fast enough to get my heart rate up, certainly not for the whole time I'm walking, because I wouldn't be able to keep that up. However, it's a *lot* of extra walking. (If I do 17-minute miles, which is fairly leisurely for me, for 6 hours, that's 21 miles.) It probably also won't be 6 hours straight, but maybe an hour walking, then a rest, then another hour or two, etc. Hard to predict exactly how it will go.


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