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CASSIQUE Posts: 356
1/12/12 6:58 A

You didn't sabotage, you had one day where a lack of planning led to some poor choices. It happens sometimes. But that day is over, and it is time to let it go. Everyday should be a fresh start, not a "hangover" from the day before. So get over the remorse of the one poorly planned day, pick yourself up, and get back on track. If it feels too difficult to get back to 100% then aim for 50% or 25% or even aim to just make 1 smart choice today!

Remember your weekly progress is more important than each separate day, so it is impossible to let 1 bad day destroy all of the good days you had before and after unless you hang on to it, and dwell on it, and beat yourself up over it.

1HAPPYWOMAN Posts: 350
1/11/12 10:50 P

Please don't let a bad day get you down! It seems like you have some terrific goals and are working to accomplish a lot. You will get there...just keep trying!

QUEEN_REINA Posts: 3,953
1/10/12 1:50 P

I did really poorly yesterday. What happened? I was so hungry and I had so much to do, and didn't want to spend an hour making supper then another hour cleaning up. I bought pizza for supper but then instead of having a slice or two with a salad I ate up nearly 3500 calories worth of pizza and cookies. WHY?

I think I was over-busy and over-hungry. I didn't think I would eat that much. I really don't know why. All I know is I have sabotaged myself and I don't want to do that.

I want to take care of myself. I want to nurture myself. I want to lose weight and get fit and show myself love.Today I will do better.

Today I am thankful:
1) that everyday can be a brand new start
2) that I have what it takes to begin again
3) that 3 of my rooms are clean and look nice
4) that today I'll get 3 more rooms done
5) that I have Tony and Dominic to help me

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QUEEN_REINA Posts: 3,953
1/7/12 9:06 P

Today I did my first session of Wii fit--45 minutes. It was really FUN and the time just flew by. It didn't feel like I actually did anything much, certainly not exercise, but I am SORE now. Who woulda thought!!

I'm going to try to get in 45 minutes a day until I start my Wellness Class and Tae Kwon Do, just to make sure I'm getting SOME exercise.

QUEEN_REINA Posts: 3,953
1/7/12 6:00 P

The first thing was quitting smoking. It has now been 2 years and 3 months since I crossed that hurdle.
The second thing is going to be losing weight and getting fit--that's this year's goal. I have 106 lbs to go. =)

Today was my first weigh-in, after my first week of Fruit and Veggie Month, and I have lost 5 1/2 lbs! WOO-HOO!

January Fruit and Veggie Month is off to a FANTASTIC start!
My habits for this month are:
1. one serving of fruit with my breakfast
2. veggie tray for lunch: one cup each of 3 different veggies (with hummus)
3. a salad with lunch and with supper
4. one serving of fruit as a snack sometime during the day
5. a cup of soup (just veggies and water) with my lunch
6. 2 servings of veggies with my dinner
7. Blueberry-Banana-Greens smoothie before bed each night. (+ cinnamon and almond milk)
--adds up to 4 fruits and 10 veggies

I haven't gotten that much produce in every day this past week but that's what I aim for, and NO days have I gotten as few as 5. What it means is that I am pretty full a lot of the time and well nourished all of the time. It's been pretty easy to stay within my calorie range all week. I only went over once and it was by 203 calories--and it happened because I let myself get too hungry. I feel GREAT about my first week!

Today I am thankful!
1) for the 5 1/2 lbs I have lost so far
2) that I am adding bunches and bunches of fruits and veggies to my diet
3) for my carrot charm, for starting a healthy new lifestyle
4) for my 2 new motivational dresses that I will have earned at the end of the month
5) for Monday payday--I have bills that need paid!

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