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1/4/12 1:16 P

All of that advice is sound and excellent.

But to answer the actual question as well, yes it's perfectly fine to spend all your cardio time (whatever you end up doing, if you reduce it) on the same machine. The whole "switch up your routine every few weeks" thing means that you shouldn't do *exactly the same workout* for weeks on end.

Eg if you do 3mph on a treadmill for 30 minutes, that might be fine to start, but if you're still doing 3mph for 30 minutes six weeks later it's much less effective. Your body has become good at it.

If you keep challenging your body with resistance or speed changes by doing intervals and/or by constantly trying to go faster, better, further, longer each week, then you should avoid the problems that 'switching up your routine' is supposed to prevent.

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1/4/12 7:04 A

Just on the strength training. ST is all about quality, not quantity, and you will get better results from using heavier weights where you can do between 4 and 15 reps before your muscles are fatigued, rather than more reps.


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1/4/12 7:01 A

I agree with Zorbs. Your best bet is to increase the weight so that your muscles are fatigued in 8-12 repetitions. I'd also recommend decreasing the amount of cardio and increasing the intensity.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/4/12 6:22 A

My default workout consists of workouts of various intensities at the elliptical machine at home. In order to prevent my body from getting used to the same workout, I change the workout intensity everyday, I also change the duration of workout everyday. From now and then, I change the time of the day during which I workout. So far my fat loss is going well.

I don't use weights or machines for weight training, just push-ups, crunches and lunges. It all depends on what you want to achieve, but if you want to lose fat, cardio becomes important, along with some strength training to preserve the muscle. If you want to build muscle, cardio is not recommended. But then you will be with your fat for a longer time. All these information can be read here in SP:

Good luck.

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1/4/12 5:29 A

You're doing WAY too much cardio.

The triad for fat loss in order of most to least importance is nutrition, strength and lastly cardio. Limit yourself to 30 min cardio and start using heavier weights.

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1/4/12 3:26 A

Basically I have finally gotten to the routine stage that makes going to the gym easy.
Now I do 30min on Cross-trainer (Roughly 4 and a half miles) in the Morning, 20min of about 15-30 slow reps of light-medium weights on the weight machines combined and an additional 30min cross-trainer, then at night before bed I repeat.

I admit I hate the treadmill (Congenitally flat feet makes me walk like a penguin :D and makes walking sore) and and despite that i am not too keen on the rowing machine or bike either (that is the full list of available machines)

I guess my question is:

is using only the cross trainer that bad (I do mix up intensities as the music tempo changes) ?

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