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No one can tell you exactly how many calories a person burns doing assorted exercises because the body is complex, and there are so many factors. Some factors making a difference would be is if the person is male or female, age, overall fitness level, height of the person, weight of the person, BMI of the person and probably some other factors I cannot think of right now. I understand that it can be done in a laboratory with some equipment attached to you and many measurements completed before, during and after the test.

But the fitness tracker on the SP website can give you a general idea after you put in the aforenamed items (sex, age, height, weight, and let the computer figure your BMI). Having an approximate idea of calories burned can be very helpful and useful as you seek to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.

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Can any body say how many calories burned during these following exercises

8-min cardio intervals
20-min fat blaster
New you boot cam 10 mins kickboxing
11-min chair cardio
18-min bootcamp cardio sculpt
6-min hip, glute, thigh workout
10-min lean legs workout
7-min arm shaper
7-min arm tone up
17-min barre workout

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