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Victoria, of course it's possible! You did it before and you can do it again....first, don't bash yourself for needing to start over....many of us have had false starts. The key is really to not look at it as a diet...that will help to salve your husband's concerns cause when he sees that you aren't going on some wierd starvation diet but simply changing your habits to healthy ones that you can maintain for the rest of your life he'll be on your team.

Set some small goals for yourself that are compsed of healthy habits....don't fall under the spell of all or nothing thinking and also don't put all your sights on a number on the scale. When we set goals of say being able to do something we can't now do....a workout for instance or walking or running a set distance or time....we can see progress that doesn't always show right away on the scale...success breeds success! Do you have some clothing in the back of your closet that is just too tight? use that as a measure of success too...when I was struggling with a scale that wouldn't budge, I was thrilled to find out that my body had changed and those pants not only fit but became too big...that not the number on the scale was/is my winning goal.

So again....Yes, you can do it!

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Hi my name is Victoria, 2 yrs ago I reached my 1st weight goal for my sisters wedding and for myself. I was over the moon. I was happy with my new clothing size. However shortly afterwards alot of family stress and problems and I put weight back on. Now my new mission is to set out to get to my first weight goal which is 160 from 184 then to 145. I'm so distressed and disappointed that I allowed my self to go backwards. But I feel determined. Can't talk to my family about it because I won't get the support and my husband thinks ill starve myself. I need to know if it really be possible for me to do this?

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