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10/13/13 8:12 A

You don't regain muscle mass through diet. You gain muscle through strength training.

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10/13/13 8:07 A

unless you are planning on bodybuilding, when you lose large amounts of weight, you'll lose muscle mass. simply put you at 200lbs need more muscle to haul around all that excess fat than you at 100lbs needs. so in that sense you should have less muscle mass [along with everything else] as you lose.
and muscles are use them or lose them things. it's not just eating more calories than you need [that's how you put on fat]. you actually have to work and maintain the muscles too. there isn't an automatic set amount of muscle everyone has [okay, well there is the basic enough to move your body types of muscles, but you likely didn't lose any of that], it varies based on your lifestyle and habits. so it's one of those variable things. the more active you are [the more you use them], the more muscle you'll keep on you provided you are eating enough.

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10/13/13 7:32 A

I've lost like 40 pounds at the moment.Mostly fat but i guess a good amount of muscle too.So i am thinking of regaining the lost muscle mass.The question is can you regain muscle mass just by eating enough calories to maintain weight or should you eat more?Also do you need to workout?I guess no cause i am not trying to build new muscles but restore the one's i've lost.Please correct me if i am wrong.Thanks in advance emoticon e.

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