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1/24/13 8:34 A

I've thought about giving up coffee, but I just love it way too much. Now I am at a point where I can enjoy a cup or two a day, but dont feel like i NEED it if I don't happen to have or get any. And I'm satisfied with that.

Anyways, I understand about the munchies, because I totally used to drink coffee all morning just to keep me feeling "full" and like I didn't need to eat anything. Maybe try having some healthy snacks on hand...something in small pieces that take a long time to chew. That might keep you satisfied longer than something you could swallow right down. Or if you're not feeling hungry, but just have the urge to eat, try gum, or even a different hot beverage.

Good luck!

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1/23/13 4:51 P

I feel your pain! I gave up caffeine cold turkey 2 weeks ago. It's actually been easier than I feared. I don't have many recommendations for curbing the munchies, BUT I know what made me feel better was to buy some really good quality decaf. I went to Gevalia online and ordered 6 different decaf roasts. No reason decaf has to be boring! emoticon

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1/23/13 4:21 P

I too reduced my intake to only 1 C in the a.m.. During the day its Decaf Tea.

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1/23/13 2:35 P

I've been to the doctor, and its why I have made the decision to reduce (or even eliminate) my caffeine intake. Thank you for your concern!

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1/23/13 2:00 P

I gave up caffeine three weeks ago. I had a headache for a day or two. Now I onlt dring lots of water, and decaf coffee, decaf herbal teas.

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1/23/13 1:55 P

High blood pressure and heat palpitations---Please see your doctor.
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1/23/13 1:52 P

going cold turkey might not be the best option, but its possible for some to do so - I do it to degrees (as in I'll go days without anything containing the stuff, mostly because my hubby is allergic to caffeine so less I keep myself stocked in coffee i'll run out and when I do I either have to run out to get more or suck it up till we can afford to buy more)

Anyhow, one of the ways we got my dad down in his intake was a 50/50 blend (though he's a tea drinker) so it was 50% regular and 50% caffeine free and we did that for a month or so (think it took about 3 or 4 months total) until he was fully only on the caffeine free stuff, he's not a happy camper over it but his doc's are most happy to see his reduction.

Another method that works for some is to make sure you get in the 64 oz of water in a day and only after you've gotten in that pure water are you allowed to have anything to do with caffeine (be it a 8oz cup of 12 oz mug). I know this isn't cutting down on the caffein but from what I've seen if your well sated with the water the need to have that equal in caffein based drinks tapers down on its own or can.

My on personal rule is that I can have my morning cup of coffee (8oz cup) and before I can have a mug of the stuff I HAVE to have at least 24 oz of pure water then and only then go I get more coffee (ya my tracker says other wise but i'm lazy in how I enter things do to there not being a time based method to the tracker but "meal time based tracking"). Though I do admit to chugging down a glass of water when I wake in the morning before going to make breakfast, its one of those things that helps me get out of bed.

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1/23/13 1:07 P

No coffee! I'm so sorry for your loss. emoticon Try peppermint tea or other herbal teas. Peppermint is the one that curbs my appetite the most.

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1/23/13 12:50 P

Help, friends!

I've been experiencing high blood pressure/heart palpitations, so I've been laying off caffeine the past couple of days. I'm an avid coffee fan ;-). My problem is that I'm experiencing some serious munchies!! Does anybody have any helpful hints or tricks that might help curb these?

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