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3/4/13 7:06 P

Red beams are a good source of protein and fibre, but not the fat.

Healthy sources of fats are things like
Olive Oil,
Rice Bran Oil
Nuts and seeds
Oily Fish - sardines, salmon, tuna


UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/4/13 1:36 P

Did you mean red kidney beans? Is there another kind?

Red Kidney Beans, per 100g, have 0.3g of fat. That's so low that it doesn't matter if it's the healthy fats or not.

If you do need more healthy fats in your diet, beans are not your solution.

Try adding olive oil or avocado to salads, or having a handful of nuts for a snack. These are healthy fats.

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3/4/13 1:20 P

Beans do not contain a source of fat.

They are protein and carbs,

Only beans that contain much fat at all are soya beans.

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3/4/13 1:18 P

I read that beans are a healthy fat (which i am trying to eat more of.) I have some red beans in a can, i was going to rinse them off, mash them, and mix in some salsa, then bake whole wheat tortilla chips and dip them in the beans.

Does this sound healthy? The beans are 110 calories per half cup and the salsa is 10 calories per 2 tbsp. They both have low sodium.


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