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Thank you for the information. The more I know & understand, the better it will
be for me.

12/25/13 12:00 P

Both are exclusively cardio machines and will do little or nothing to build strength and increase musculature. Cardio is a component of a fitness programme however it is not the best one to use for fat loss since it will burn muscle as well as fat if used exclusively. The differences between the two machines are more in the mechanics of the action and not the benefit of one over the other as a cardio workout.

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Both are bikes and lower impact than, say, running. But, they are a little different and work your body a little differently. I personally feels it works my quads harder than an upright stationary bike. But, I feel the upright burns more calories. I guess I would exclusively use one over the other and perhaps utilize both if you have that option. After all, your body adapts to doing the same exact thing all the time.

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Does riding a recumbant stationary bicycle have the same advantages as riding a
standard stationary bicycle?

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