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2/14/14 7:58 A

During the time I did Insanity I was told I should be so sore I could barely move the next day. I worked as hard as I possibly could to the point that I would have to stop for about 30 seconds to keep my HR from going above the 200 mark. I used a recovery formula I bought from GNC that was the equivalent and I was honestly never sore. I would drink a few sips before working out and drink that instead of the water during the breaks in the program.

You could always order a small trial packet and see if it helps you any. The GNC version was a LOT cheaper than the one that Insanity advertises so at least you are not spending quite as much.

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2/13/14 8:49 A

I hear this about Insanity a lot. Maybe the name is prophetic.

I have lost all my weight with just walking 45 minutes a day. Insane workouts aren't necessary, and more weight will be lost from diet, than from exercise.

If you love the workouts, and they work though, they will work if you do them 3-5 days a week too.

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2/13/14 8:39 A

Thank you,
The insanity schedule gives 1 rest day per week. Although I take more if generally too tired to workout.

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2/13/14 6:48 A

Here's an article about post-workout nutrition you might find helpful:

I don't think you need special supplements in order to properly recover from a workout. That type of marketing is usually just a way for companies to sell you products :)

Are you taking rest days from exercise each week? If you find you're constantly sore, running low on energy, not feeling as good as you'd hoped- then it could be that your body just needs more of a break.

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2/13/14 3:22 A

I'm currently into month 2 of insanity and have never taken the recommended recovery formula after workouts. This month is HARD! My body is sore and aching all over. I skipped a workout yesterday as I was sore and had done a very long shift at work (I know excuses). Should I be taking a recovery formula? Would this help with the soreness? I tend to eat more than enough carbs and protein in the day already (overindulge on the carbs slightly). Not sure if the recovery formula will add anything- or do I substitute a meal for the formula? Slightly confused.

In the meantime I shall try to "dig deeper". emoticon

Fear is what stops you... courage is what keeps you going.
Be stronger than your excuses.
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