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3/31/14 12:44 A

I drink a ton of water during workouts. I've told my trainer I expect a "Most Sweat" award. ;) I will try the fresh orange - she suggested eating more fruit especially at breakfast so that seems like something i can try.

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3/30/14 11:21 P

The biggest thing for me in this regard is hydration.

On top of that, electrolytes, sugar and protein.

I have used a couple of different recovery drinks, my favorite of which is "perfect storm" by precision engineering, but that is solely for flavor, alot of them work great.

Another thing that works quite well for people I have talked to is a fresh orange right after working out. You get a sugar burst but without all the artificials.

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
3/30/14 9:08 P

About a month ago I started an intense workout at a gym. Great facility - always a trainer on hand to help. I'm doing 15-30 minutes of cardio (depends on the weight sets), and about an hour of weights, four days a week. Most days I come home and feel weary the rest of the day, despite eating as soon as I get home as the trainer suggested. I've tried taking a serving of chocolate milk in a thermos to drink as soon as I'm finished, but so far the only thing that's really worked is chugging a bottle (two servings worth!) of Dare Double Espresso iced coffee which is really just sweet milk. As you can imagine, that perked me up pretty good! Can't do that every day because I dont' need the calories or sugar.
Does anyone have any snacks or beverages that you regularly use to aid in recovery after workouts?

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