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2/21/13 9:33 P

Thanks for the info!

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2/19/13 11:44 A

In the fitness tracker, there's the bar where you can search for exercises. On that bar is a series of tabs - one of the tabs is "Groupings." Click on it, then click "create a new exercise grouping," and you should be able to add everything once, and then just add that group from now on.

CALLMEBRUCE SparkPoints: (320)
Fitness Minutes: (234)
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2/19/13 10:25 A

I stumbled across a link to setting up strength training record keeping, and can't seem to locate it again. I typically just use a notebook and record exercise, reps, sets, weight, rest between sets. Is there an easier way to record this online? Do I need to manually add each exercise in the routine every day I do the routine, or can I set up the routine once and simply update dates, reps, sets and weight?

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