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7/31/13 9:18 A

Thanks for the input, everyone!

JUDY1260 Posts: 1,567
7/29/13 8:39 A

I agree with you JenniLacey. From what I've been reading (and I've been reading A LOT over the past 6 months before I started back here on Spark), maintenance calories have a lot to do with your activity level. The more active you are and the more muscle you have, the more you get to eat. :)

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7/29/13 8:34 A

I don't believe the recommended intake for a woman is 2000-2500 cals. Generally speaking, women maintain their weight (very loosely) around 2000 cals. This is based on the average woman, of the average height, of the average weight, of the average age, of the average activity level, of the average body fat percentage. We are not all "average" women. We all have varying sizes, ages, activity levels. Calorie maintenance needs are by far not a "one size fits all" range.

I'm 31 and 5'2, 119 lbs. I'm pretty active and exercise a lot. I seem to maintain around 2000-2500 cals and lose eating anything under 2000 cals. According to most calculators however, if I were sedentary I'd maintain around at around 1600 cals.

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JUDY1260 Posts: 1,567
7/29/13 8:29 A

If you increase your strength training you'll build more muscle, which will help your body burn more calories. That's how you're able to consume more without gaining weight.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
7/29/13 7:43 A

part of it is that the data is a little old. not too old, but when more people weren't sitting around playing on computers all day.
the second part is that 2000 is the average for women and 2500 is the average for men. so it's not everyone should average somewhere in there, it's that women will average around 2000 cals. so figure somewhere in the 1500-2500 range will work. 1500 is where shorter and older women will maintain, particularly if they are sedentary and the 2500 is closer to where the taller, younger and more active will maintain. most people will fall somewhere in between.

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7/29/13 5:31 A

I'm just under 5' 6" - you can see my weight on my ticker below - to maintain I eat an average of 1600 calories. More and I gain - less I can lose. I get in some exercise but no-where near as much as is normally recommended, because of skeletal issues. My walks are done INSIDE my own home, putting my groceries and laundry away one at a time.


ELTHIS Posts: 480
7/29/13 3:51 A

Hi there everyone!

I've been wondering for a while about that 2000-2500kcal recommended daily intake for maintaining weight. I understand it's an average, but if I attempted to eat 2000kcal a day, I'd be putting on weight like there's no tomorrow! It looks like I manage to maintain my weight at around 1400kcal a day on average. (For context, I'm 5'5'' and currently 136lb (165cm/62kg), mostly sedentery lifestyle except daily walking to and from, for a total of 20km a week, and the odd strength training workout 1-2 times a week.)

Thoughts, anyone?

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