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Hi TANGO387,

Welcome! Walking is a great exercise, but remember it is our nutrition that allows us to shrink the belly fat. It's often stated that 80% of our fat loss comes from following a healthy diet that allows for a slight daily deficit that will allow us to shrink the belly fat. So if you are not tracking your nutrition, that is definitely a starting point.

As for stretching...this is best reserved for after you are done with your walk when your muscles are warmed up.

Take care and keep on walking!

Coach Nancy

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10/31/12 7:31 P

Hello everyone!
New to the choice of exercise is walking,I can walk 7 miles a day
but I do not seem to loose my belly.For those that went thru the same experience and succee
ded with the task,what am I doing wrong?For those who also walk for a healthy reason,do you
stretch before and after your routine?.Is there any particular routine you follow?
Thanks a lot to each and every one who respond to my questions......tango.

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