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1/17/13 7:43 A

I like No Name flavoured Rice Crackers & Salsa :)
You can even add a Tbs of light Cheese Whiz to the salsa and warm it in the microwave for that creamier texture. Or a Tbs Fat Free Sour Cream. ;)

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DRS510 Posts: 2,234
1/16/13 6:42 P

Have you tried the baked and light potato chips? What about the Popchips?

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
1/16/13 9:30 A

I was really hoping to find something here besides veggie & dip ideas....they are good, but not a substute for chips....I really don`t need the dip, just chip substitutes! I eat the Special K chips, but I`m tired of them....I want "yellow bag" potato chips !!!!! I don`t even buy them anymore, but boy do I want to!
OK , so the kale chips, sounds good, but how do you make them?

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1/7/13 11:28 A

Pita chips and hummus

Carrots/Cucumber and hummus

Kale chips (seriously, these are really good and crunch like chips w/o the fat!)

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1/6/13 4:42 P

Mix together 1/4 cup plain yogurt, a splash of vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon, 1/2 Tablespoon nut butter, and 1/2 Tablespoon Chocolate Chips.(Adjust vanilla extract and cinnamon to your taste)

Use to dip apple slices. Less than 200 calories and just as satisfying as chips and dip.

DRS510 Posts: 2,234
12/30/12 5:03 P

I use low fat sour cream/onion soup or blue cheese and pretzels. Sometimes I bake corn tortillas (thin ones) and use to dip in salsa or beans. Be sure to track!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
12/29/12 10:57 A

Ah, the dreaded chips and dip...oh how they call my name too !!
Not sure why they are so addictive. The need to crunch ? The need of something salty and creamy in the dip ? I don't know.

Make your own dip with fat free sour cream and a envelope of veggie soup mix or an envelope of onion soup mix. You can also mix fat free sour cream with a jar of salsa for creamy salsa dip !

Use celery, carrot sticks, green pepper strips with a few chips until eventually your plate with have more veggies than chips.

CANDO20K Posts: 128
12/28/12 4:11 P

I buy cucumber as a good alternative for chippies, but they slowly wither in the fridge, while I munch chippies.
I buy the lowest cal dips I can, but I eat huge scoops.
Honestly, I would rather have chippies and dips, and skip the meal afterwards!

Why are these foods so addictive when I first walk in the door?
Can a craving have a nutritional need behind it?
I live 3 minutes away from work, so the wrench leaving deadline tasks because it's time to cook a meal, is always still fresh in my mind.

I would feel so elegant, if I could serve really low cal nibbles and dips without diving in immediately to gobble them...that has to be another goal for me!

All suggestions welcome, please.

Happy New Year!

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