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The renal dietitian assigned to your father's dialysis unit can provide you with many recipe ideas and tell you not only what to avoid but how to treat foods to reduce the potassium content. Soups probably aren't the best idea because dialysis patients have to watch their liquid intake.

Check with his renal dietitian to be sure you are getting recommendations for your father's specific needs. There are many causes of renal failure, and one diet does not fit all. Diet is very important especially for someone in renal failure. Get your advice from professionals. His diet may change depending on his lab results, so stay flexible.


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My ex-husband had a transplant so I know about dialysis. I still call and ask him questions sometimes when people ask me. I know for potatoes you can soak them to remove some of the potassium, they don't taste as well but if you really want the soup.

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Thanks, ASK4JJG, this looks like it will really come in handy!



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My Dad is on dialysis and needs to avoid almost all beans except green beans. He also must avoid cheese.
To top things off, he's developed a seafood allergy.


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