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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 32,642
1/21/12 8:24 P

I work for SparkPeople. emoticon

Coach Denise

0FITNTRIM7 Posts: 38
1/21/12 3:41 P

wow! that was pretty sophisticated! Do you work for SparkPeople or did you learn this on your own?

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 32,642
1/21/12 12:57 P

Not directly, but if it lists the nutrition amounts, you can enter those manually using these instructions:
. Then you can have that in your nutrition tracker to track those values at anytime.

Coach Denise

0FITNTRIM7 Posts: 38
1/21/12 12:29 P

Yes, that helps -- so I need to look for the link in the recipes to add to a meal. I get it. Sometimes the search for recipes leads to a recipe on another web site -- I assume there are no links to make those particular recipes a part of the meal, correct?

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 32,642
1/21/12 12:09 P

You're not able to make it listed as the meal plan, but you can add a recipe from SparkRecipes by clicking on the link on the specific recipe page to add it to your tracker/meal planner. You would then just not check off the boxes for the meal plan for the items that are in that recipe. Does that help?

Coach Denise

0FITNTRIM7 Posts: 38
1/21/12 11:46 A

Thank you Denise! Once we find a recipe, I discovered we can add it to "favorites". Is there a way add any of our favorite recipes as a "meal" to our daily menus?

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 32,642
1/21/12 10:59 A

If there is a recipe for a meal plan, it will be listed. If there isn't, then you can make it how you would like (of course though, calories may be different). For salmon, it is probably baked or grilled to keep the calories down. You may want to try looking up some recipes for that on or a cookbook you might have at home to find one that suits your taste.

Coach Denise

0FITNTRIM7 Posts: 38
1/20/12 7:56 A

For instance, the salmon, mixed vegetables menu did not have any directions on how to prepare the food -- ie, fried, baked, stir fry, etc. -- is there a quick way to plug in a meal and pull up a variety of recipes to choose from?

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