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4/13/14 12:32 P

The rice and beans can easily go into a burrito with other ingredients like corn, salsa, potato, peppers, carrots, ham, and eggs.

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RACEWIFE Posts: 735
2/14/14 2:33 P

Nuts and dried fruit can be added to salads, delish!
You can also give them to the oldest child for a snack.
Nuts and or dried fruit added to oatmeal in the morning
Use one of the sauces with chicken and add nuts and dried fruit to that!
Rice side dish with nuts and fruit, maybe even one of the marinades.
Rice pudding for the children, or find a low calorie recipe for yourself too.
Rice and beans can be made into burritos...
Chili with the beans over rice....
Rice and or bean soup

Ideas are endless!


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1/11/14 12:22 P

That sounds delic!

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1/10/14 10:36 P

I find great recipes by typing my ingredients into the Google search bar. Good luck!

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,949
1/6/14 11:41 P

I like to bake 4 servings of grains at a time like a cup of quinoa or brown rice.

I then combine with chopped veggies and vegetable stock for soup.

I also do a rice/dried fruit like dried cherries/ almond casserole. Delicious.

Any of your grains or beans can become the basis for another dish: a grain bowl or stir fry. Think adding stock or veggie juice for soup. Think adding nuts and dried or chopped fresh fruit for a side dish or breakfast.

I also roast a bunch of garlic in olive oil and save that. The flavored olive oil can be used for cooking stir fries. The garlic can be blended with any type of cooked beans for a hummus. (for a dip or a spread)

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1/2/14 7:17 P

Great way to help build recipes with things you find in your pantry or fridge.

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1/2/14 8:57 A

Organizing my pantry, I am realizing how much food we just have not been eating. Somehow I have been stockpiling rice, beans, soups, nuts, dried fruit, and cooking sauces. It's time to eat down the pantry! Anyone have any recipes that are easy to modify but use up a lot of random ingredients? I have three children (1, 3, and 5) and a husband to feed, so solid amounts of food are good for us. I am living in England right now, so that might limit some produce and seasoning choices. I don't have a separate deep freezer. Thanks in advance for any good ideas!

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