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1/8/13 1:17 P

Sorry you had trouble with that, but I have made that recipe many times now (it's one of my favorites from the book) and have never had an issue with the beans not getting soft.

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1/8/13 9:17 A

I thought it was a little fussy for a crockpot recipe. (involved pre-roasting the chicken, and some last minute stuff like mashing a portion of the beans.) In the future, I will use the McCormick white chicken chille seasoning packet/chicken/a can of beans/can of water recipe - it's quick and easy! Couldn't really say if this was good or not as I wound up throwing away everything but the chicken. (which was fine, but nothing spectacular)

LISA8381 Posts: 57
1/8/13 9:05 A

That has happened to me once with a bake bean recipe (not sparkpeople). What I do now is the the boil method. I haven't had a problem since...try that. Other than the beans, was the recipe good?

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1/8/13 8:22 A

Just got the cookbook and for my first go, tried to make the slow cooker white chicken chilli. Soaked the beans for as long as the recipe indicated (a bit longer, actually) and cooked everything for 8 hours in the crockpot. The beans never got soft. Tried cooking it on high for the last hour, and still no go. Had to pick out the chicken to have something to feed my husband, but otherwise, threw the whole batch out. If I ever try this recipe again, and I doubt I will, I would use canned beans instead.

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