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7/1/13 9:02 A


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6/30/13 9:56 P

Correct. If you don't check that box, then it will save the recipe to your recipe box/account only. You can also see the shared status by going to your recipe box and looking at that status, which is listed next to each of your recipes.

Coach Denise

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6/30/13 5:22 P

If I don't click the box "Submit my recipe to SparkPeople's Shared Recipe Database" is the recipe saved only in my account? I ask because I'd like to use the recipe calculator to calculate NI and save ingredients for a few recipes from cookbooks so I can use them in menu planning etc. I understand that I shouldn't share these recipes... but I'm hoping that by not selecting the box, I am not sharing...

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11/12/12 10:00 P

Those items are searchable (I was just able to find those with no errors). Are you just entering chicken in the search? Are you changing any of the search options at all?

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11/12/12 9:40 P

Can u tell me why I can't search foods in the recipe calculator? The first ingredient I am trying to add is chicken, and it says food not found! Same with tomato.

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1/5/12 2:58 P

It looks like you didn't enter the number of servings when you calculated it, so it is calculating the whole thing. Here's an FAQ help page that has info on how to use the recipe calculator that you may find helpful:

Coach Denise

PSANDS123 Posts: 62
1/5/12 1:06 P

I made tuna salad..I entered all the ings and the amounts to get the calories.

I must have entered something wrong as the calorie was way way high for a 1/2 cup

Can someone tell me how to use it correctly. And how do I edit what I have already entered ??

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