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ANNC16 Posts: 1,699
9/3/10 4:52 A

We have a wedding website and on that there is a section for song requests, we can then make sure that the DJ knows the kinds of music to play. We too have a wide range of ages at the wedding, from my grand daughter and nephew who are both 4, to my mum who will be nearly 82.

I think that ou're entirelt correct and the DJ can make or break the atmosphere. I'm leaving it to OH to sort that side out as he'sthe one really into his music and willknow what the DJ is talking about with anything technical. emoticon

BLINDEYE Posts: 28
9/3/10 3:31 A

A good dj will make everyone happy, including the parents and grandparents. Weddings require a very specialized DJ. We have over 12,000 songs, and the most important part of DJing a wedding is keeping everyone up and dancing. We DJ weddings, and I also am a videographer, photographer, and we also have a decorator on staff.

8/30/10 5:53 P

I think it might be a better idea to tell the DJ what not to play. when you interview them you can get a pretty good idea of what kind of music they will play, but if you have a few songs you definitely don't want played let them know. I was at a wedding a couple weeks ago and the DJ played that new Riahana and Eminem song "the way you lie". I still cant think of a more inappropriate song for a wedding reception.

LILYSMOM08 Posts: 1,142
8/24/10 11:51 A

Yes, the important thing is what music your guests will enjoy listening to ---- and what will get them to want to get up and dance. Although our wedding is small (only 60-65 people) --- the age range will go from 18 to 92 years old with the largest groups being in their 20's and 50's. That makes for lots of different eras & kinds of music so we're picking music from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today --- and we're excited about how our dj will handle it all. We're picking about 2/3 of the playlist with the balance going to guest requests......

NAB_85 SparkPoints: (85,726)
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8/7/10 11:08 A

wow these are all great ideas!

MSNEVA Posts: 5
8/6/10 8:43 P

That's a fabulous idea to have the guests request the reception songs! I think I'll steal that one, if it's ok with you?? :D

COFFEE-MATE-Y Posts: 5,024
8/6/10 12:29 P

Stiffy, you bring up an excellent point. We're in the process of tweaking/figuring out our song list stuff and that I think is important to remember. To just let the DJ do his job. I need to repete to myself.

8/5/10 12:52 P

you are going to want to play music that your guests will get up and dance to and you and your new husband are going to be so busy rushing around talking to guests that you will hardly notice that they played one of "his" favorite songs and that your "favorite" is playing unless someone brings it to your attention. one great idea i heard of is on your invitation RSVP's have a blank and ask the guest to write one song that they would like to request for the reception and compile a list from those. but if its getting close to the date go online and choose songs that your guests will enjoy and those special songs that you and your hubby love you can dance to.

HM0NEY420 Posts: 40
8/5/10 9:30 A

I am totally going for '80's and '90's music with a couple new songs mixed in, and then some oldies in the beginning of the reception. I think this gives your guest the most songs to dance too, everyone knows the songs, and it pleases the older people who don't really like new music.

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RUNANDRUN SparkPoints: (45,952)
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8/4/10 8:15 P

We worked with our DJ and started with songs we did not want, then we asked him to help with a mixed bag of music. He threw in a few salsa dance numbers that was nowhere on our radar, and they were the best of the night! Everyone got up a just danced. Good luck whatever you choose!

CHRYSTALM0214 Posts: 499
7/12/10 8:44 P

my fiance and I are the same way... I listen to rock, rap, r&b and country, along with 80's and oldies... he pretty much only listens to punk and rock. We are just kinda mixing it up with a little of everything becuase we want the guests to be happy and while we will dance, we figured a lot of our time will be spent walking around and talking to people.

HOT4TEACHER2010 Posts: 190
7/1/10 2:52 P

My DJ suggested looking at the Mobile Beat website for choosing reception songs. The link has their list of the top 200 most requested songs reported by event DJs.

Hope this helps! emoticon

MRPLATSON Posts: 336
6/30/10 11:33 A

figure out how long the reception will last, divide that by about 3 or 3.5 to figure out how many songs you need. Then break that down, 1 song for the cake cutting, 1 song for first dance together, make him pick 10, you pick 10, pick 10 together, pick 10 'staples', etc... until you fill up all the songs you need.

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6/30/10 9:06 A

old school and inspirational songs

NURSEPICKLES SparkPoints: (7,497)
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6/29/10 6:14 P

Ooo I'm having the same problem! The DJ sent me a list of their songs and it's like 2,000 songs, crazy! We're going to sit down and pull from our IPODs/I tunes. I was in a wedding last year and the bride sent out a Facebook thread asking all the people in the wedding for song suggestions. I might resort to that as well if we can't come up with enough songs. Good Luck! emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 23,698
6/29/10 1:08 P

iTunes can help with that!

TIME2LIVE11 Posts: 921
6/29/10 12:45 P

I have to come up with a playlist for our reception in two weeks. I have no idea where to get started. My taste in music is completely different than my FH. I listen to country and rock, he listens to rap and rock. He cant stand country, but thats really all my family listens to. I want to play music that everyone can enjoy. I want to play a little country, some oldies, some rock, and i definitely want to play songs that get people up and dancing. is there a place where i can get sample playlists or if you can give me some ideas to start off with! i would greatly appreciate it!

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