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11/29/14 1:06 P

Rebecca, you can do this! I've been with spark for 4 years. I've lost 117.5 lbs, but it's taken forever! Baby steps all the way!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,163
11/25/14 2:19 P

emoticon Happy Thanksgiving emoticon

One thing about having children is the bigger they get the more you have to do with helping them in school, dealing with sports or music practice, and just keeping them away from the wrong crowd. It doesn't end, and the cost gets more. I spent so much time driving them places.

36 days left in 2014.

COCOSMOMMA Posts: 1,629
11/17/14 1:32 P

Chloe was born in August :) she's such a sweet child!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,163
5/8/14 3:43 P

I'm the mother of five children as well: 39, 29, 26, 25, 23. The four oldest are boys. You are lucky to have had your girl first. I bet she is a Capricorn (born Dec. 21-Jan 21) with all that responsibility. My oldest was an "only child" for nearly 10 yrs, since my husband didn't want anymore. I was working and then I had the others after I stayed at home. Boys do little to help. My advice is to make them work. I'd ask one of mine to do a job, he'd do it, and then disappear & I'd have to go find him again, so it got tiring. My DD washed her toys at 18 months & asked "What can I do to help?" when she was two. (She has a new baby, Chloe' Renee, and a two year old, Chanel Ava.)

COCOSMOMMA Posts: 1,629
4/27/14 12:30 A

My name is Rebecca, 31, Mommy to 5 (yep, 5!) gorgeously amazing kiddos...Chloe Elizabeth 8, Noah 7, Eli 5, Gabriel 2, and Amery 8months!
I have been a member of spark for a longggggg time. I am determined to be successful this time though. I am done having children and its now time to get serious about getting healthy and getting this weight off so that I can be around to watch my precious babes grow up. Tomorrow is Sunday...the beginning to a new week and also the first week of May. I do my first 5k on May 17th. I haven't been able to train doing any running due to severe plantar fasciitis but I will walk it with my friends, Jamie and Ellen.

So here is to a wonderful beginning to May!

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