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7/15/13 9:35 P

It sounds like you have lots of different questions, and I'm not clear about what the crux of your issue is. Let me address a couple of specific things though:

Sleep eating can be caused or exacerbated by medications. You aren't taking Ambien by any chance are you? I had terrible problems with sleep eating when I was taking that for a sleep disorder. You need to mention this to any doctors who are prescribing medications. Running this by your pharmacist would be a good idea too.

I found that I had more of a tendency to sleep eat when I was not getting enough calories or enough protein, so that is something that you can look at too.

Have you ever tried tracking ahead of time? Track for the day the night before, or early in the morning so that you can work out a balanced plan for the day. It's easy to change things if you deviate from the plan, but sometimes having a roadmap for the day can be helpful.

Good luck!

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7/15/13 9:20 P

aahhh, I can put my calculator and scale away! ;) Plate method... on it!! thank you!

7/14/13 5:07 A

using the plate has simplified everything for me. I think the idea is so much better than that food pyramid we had for so many years.

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7/13/13 11:13 P

Yes - that is what I meant - 1/4 plate. Make sure it isn't a BIG plate, tho' :-)


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7/13/13 10:14 P

Not to speak for Kris (she can confirm if I'm interpreting correctly), but I believe that when she said 1/4 carbs, 1/4 lean protein, and the rest veggies, she didn't mean 1/4 of a serving, but rather 1/4 of your plate. No need to calculate anything--just fill your plate with those relative amounts. :)

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7/13/13 2:32 P


Thank you very much for taking the time to address my post. hehe yes, I also have a word document journal, a handwritten one specifically for food, and the little notebook. I swear its like swiss cheese up in there. Suprisingly I did not know about Thiamine. (I do take Vit D and Fish oil). Well, yes I suppose I didnt explain in depth lol that it obviously isnt a pill that makes me fat its the fact that the pill makes me stuff my face because I am hungry 24/7 and also a night eater. lol. Im very familliar with most psych drugs. I am Bipolar 1. PTSD, DID (formerly multiple personality, Disassociation - though the definition is in the process of being figured in my case) and Bulemic. I feel for you for the depression portion, Bipolar 1's tend to spend most of their time down, peaking high once or twice in their lives and cycling between "hypomanic" and depression. The hypomania is actually pretty easy to control last resort, I have a med for it. But from my own experience depression can be very devastating. I am currently on an SSNRI for the depression portion. It was the atypical antipsychotic that triggered the gain. It is a lot, sometimes I feel like its all in my head (ok bad pun), but it is very real, and going off medication is way too dangerous (I have been inpatient 4 times) - it was a little difficult coming off of the antipsychotic - it was prescribed to boost the mood stabalizer anyway. But.. the cruddy portion is that I do have some pschosis rare really - I just ignore it and the semi-invisible bears go away ;) I REALLY feel for those afflicted with scitzophrenia - wow.

I will certainly go with the 1/4 etc sugesstion. I am sure there is some way to calculate or find out what exactly 1/4 is for my bmi etc. Then I will have to work harder on not having it take over my life any more than it already has. Thank you for the links and smart move with the Hospital call ;)

Baby steps. I cant tell you how much it means to have someone be it a stranger or not take the time to try to help - if they arent getting paid ;). Most friends, loved ones, ex's have all at some point given up. The thing is, it isnt their job to fix me. They just dont get that what appears to be an extreme emotional breakdown to them, is relatively normal for me. They all say it shouldnt have to be. Then I feel bad. I know it is difficult to see and hear - books written on how to deal with someone with a mental illness - still havent figured out what is best and Im 40. Cant hide all the time lol. But I am lucky to have pretty awesome supportive people in my life now.

And.. well this forum :) A quick sidenote: I just got "just dance 2" for the new xbox kinect my bf bought - wow I was dancin up a sweat and all the sudden 40 minutes went by. Yay! another tool.

Mission: locate how to figure out how much 1/4 portion is for me. THANK YOU!!

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7/13/13 7:23 A

I can relate to the memory issue - I have them too. I have found that writing things down helps a lot - for me, now I have a computer it is on my spreadsheet. If it is appointments they are all in my reminders in my mobile phone because where I go, it goes. Is there any known cause, as in accident, drug/alcohol issue or medical illness that could have caused it? If you aren't on them already, perhaps you could talk with your Dr about Thiamine and Vitamin D. Eating oily fish can also help, too. Getting quality sleep helps, too, but unfortunately we can't always get that.

I, too, have and do suffer from depression. I am on the Dealing with Depression Team, an am one of their moderators. Fortunately, the medications haven't affected my weight at all. My late hubby was also on meds for OCD and the few he was on never caused any weight issues, either. As you would realize, sometimes the gain in weight isn't so much that the medication 'causes' the weight-gain, but rather that once on medication, our moods are stabilized somewhat, and with that often comes the return of our appetite. A lot of people eat when depressed, but a lot lose all interest in food.

Because you have had an ED, I wouldn't be inclined to weigh and record everything you eat. Those actions have been known to trigger the food issue again. Instead, try to chose mostly healthy foods and make sure you use a smaller dinner plate rather than a larger one. If you have 1/4 lean protein, 1/4 carbs and the remainder a rainbow of veges, then you won't go too far wrong. There is nothing wrong with having an occasional treat. It might relax your mind a bit knowing that you are giving your body what it needs, that it will take the focus off weight. Maybe your BF could have a lockable box for his special treats, and maybe occasionally go halves with you so you get a taster without overloading.

Below are some links that you may find helpful:

You MIGHT be able to access a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist through one of those links, but if you can't, and your Insurance doesn't cover it, you could do what I have done on more than a couple occasions. I have phoned one of the larger hospitals and been put through to a Dietitian, and basically had an over-the-phone consult. It served me well at the time, and I got the information I required.

Good luck,

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7/13/13 4:21 A

Well, first of all.. hello :) I know there are people here who can direct and help me.. but the big question is which forum? Posting in several and tracking them seems overwhelming - and I just may have to do that, but I am choosing this general diet and nutrition forum (in addition to the panic room) to share my post. Well, Ive got a lot of factors to address but what stands out to me is first getting help with nutrition. So, that being said - I will share my post here in hopes that someone might be able to redirect me, or it may be that I will just have to break it down.

In Panic Room: a question regarding my eating habits:

"Amber, it occurred to me - are you eating enough protein and quality fats? I didn't notice those in your description of your meals, though it was just a sketch of your meal plan."

My response:

Disclaimer: long post - I felt it was important to include my own hurdles (I believe we all have them in one way or another) in order to hopefully get the right help. I am very open for anything - please - it may take a moment to read, but Im pushing the panic button.

You know, you might think that I would be able to create a healthy balanced diet and exercise program for myself.. I am a former Chiropractor and have some education in this field. But, my outlook on food itself I think over the years has warped even the reality of what I eat. Ive had eating disorders since I was 10 and over the years have developed an actual hatred for food. I hate everything about it, yet prior to the increasing severity (and the medication that stirred up all this hate - ie substantial weight gain) I was active and remained quite fit and the disorder was in remission. I know that is a long answer to a short question, but my answer to you is I dont know. Lately I have been obsessively recording anything that I put in my mouth, which turned into restriction.. been to councelling so I saw the pattern and stopped it. I now want to drop the weight in a healthy way and understand it will take time and effort to do so. I am ok with that. I have already ceased all performance activities (fire performer/professional belly dancer) and even feel uncomfortable in public places, so I am kinda going against the flow. This may not be the appropriate forum to disclose this as I am a member of a few others that focus on mental illness, but I thought if I told you a little about my relationship with food, you might be able to offer good advice. i have never been heavy - my rational mind knows I need to try to view food as a positive thing that fuels my body and that I am allowed to enjoy it. Since you were pretty straight forward maybe you can point me in the right direction. I am seeing a medical doctor as well as a psychiatrist (have stopped taking the medication that caused the gain), so maybe I need to see a nutritionist. I am disabled and have medicare, pretty sure medicare doesnt cover that. I came here hoping to discover a support system and guidence.

and to finally answer your question chances are I am not. Sometimes its difficult to know as I sleep eat, when I lived alone and was fit, I simply did not have trigger foods in my house. It bothers me that I have to ask my live in boyfriend he cant have certain foods in the house because I might eat them in my sleep. I guess this is a whole new ballgame lol.. and really not all that funny. However, I do consider this situation a panic button one.. even the doctors are having a hard time helping me. I am trying very hard, unfortunately my memory is fading - Im not just talking about losing your keys.. I will start a sentence and in the middle will forget what the rest of the sentence was going to be. (I have to keep a small notebook in my purse) A little unsettling for a former Microbiologist/Genetic Chemist with a doctorate who has to preface things with "have I told you this yet?" and get answers like "yes honey, 10 min ago". Ok.. now I am just getting in too deep I apologize.

I believe strongly that the right diet and exercise can aid me mentally. So.. kinda turned here cause Im starting to lose hope and motivation. Last resort, but I am optimistic that people who have knowledge first hand with varying roadblocks might be able to help.

If anyone feels like they can help me.. even it it means I have to drink my own pee lol I will do it at this point. Thank you ahead of time.. and thank you for reading this.

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